Technical Assistance
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Our target:
100% uptime of your system.

Machine reliability, operator competence, constant maintenance,
reactive service are the fundamental elements to guarantee this condition.

Interventions with machine stops
solved within 48 hours

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We're where you need us, when you need us.

Wherever you are, you can find a local service center near you that can provide tailor-made services, with local personnel constantly trained by us.

Find your nearest service center.

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Your production in one click 


Make quick and effective decisions. Connect to check the status of your production anywhere, anytime.

Eliminate the unexpected. Get all the information you need instantly about your machines, active services, maintenance activities, software and available updates.

Get the most out of your team. Manage your team optimally, organize training and establish the right access level for each person.

Open a support ticket with a click. we already have all the information we need to give you effective and responsive support.




Solid support for your decisions

Performance analysis services your decisions BLManalytics provides a useful range of information needed to maximize production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs and downtime.



Phone support

How it works.

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Your request is immediately turned into a ticket. This avoids long waits on the phone and ensures you get top priority if your machine has stopped.
Your request will be taken care of in a maximum of 20 minutes.

To speed up the whole process:

Keep your system number at hand.
Provide as much information as possible to identify and pinpoint the problem.
Technical assistance
Remote support

BLM GROUP remote support.
Nearby, smart and convenient.

Remote support allows our experts to intervene remotely and in real-time, if needed, to diagnose problems accurately and find a quick and effective solution.

Remotely solved service cases
Machines supported in remote mode
Contact the Service Centre

Active Eye:

the future of remote support is already here

Active Eye is the app for the augmented reality assistance that you can use on your smartphone or tablet. You can chat in any language thanks to the automatic translation, share videos, photos and the screen in real-time so we can show you the points of intervention.It will be just as being there with you.

Download the app from:

Your “Help” button

Pulsante Help

Using this function, just press the "Help" button and the machine will send all the necessary information for a quick diagnosis to the service centre nearest to you.

You don’t know the issue?
Don't worry, your machine will tell us.

Tools on-line

Tool Designer.

Get the bending equipment you need online. Once you have created your part on VGP3D, just connect to the online Tool Designer service and the system will create for you the design drawings of the equipment that you can download in STEP or PDF formats.

With Tool Room you can also check the availability of tools on stock and monitor wear conditions.

Tool Designer
After-sales service

Tailor-made for you.

Reduce downtime.
Maximises your system productivity. Plan maintenance according to your production needs. Maintain the value of your system over time.
These are the objectives we help you to achieve with our assistance contracts. You can choose from existing plans or create one specifically for your needs.

Maintenance plans
Steady rest maintenance plans
Software maintenance
Tailor-made contracts
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Technical assistance
Reserved area

Always with you.

You can access a reserved area containing dedicated information and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can download manuals and software updates and manage your licenses.

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Original BLM GROUP spare parts

You can count on it.

Maximum reliability: The right part for your machine model, obtained from the best materials and with the highest construction standards.

Quick delivery: Widespread coverage of the territory to receive the part you need quickly.

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