Hydraulic tube end-forming machines
with up to 22 tons of thrust


All the force needed for the toughest jobs 


AST - Hydraulic pipe forming machine for pipes up to 100 mm in diameter and thrust up to 220 kN
Simple to use, high thrust
and a competitive
price-to-performance ratio.
For tubes up to
100 mm
in diameter
Up to
220 kN
in thrust
Can be equipped up to
processing stations

Infinite job possibilities 

The AST can be set up with a wide range of fixed punches, revolving tools and rollers for tapering, widening, closing, chip removal, cutting, flange insertion, single and double flaring, threading, and rolling. 

Tube end-formed and rolled with AST BLM GROUP
Tube end-forming with shaping and chip removal tools

Integrated shaping and chip removal

Reduce cycle timeeliminate semi-finished products, and eliminate secondary machine operations to increase the quality and repeatability of your jobs. By integrating shaping and chip removal operations on the same machine, your end-formed parts are always repeatable with superior finish and quality.  

 Tube forming machine with high thrust force

More power, more possibilities 

If power is what you need, AST is your first ally. With a thrust force of up to 22 tons, AST can optimally shape even the thickest tube or largest diameters. Robust and reliable, AST stops at nothing! 

Tube formed on both ends

Formed on both ends at once 

Automatic management of head and tail on both ends of the tube means you can improve cycle time and productivity. 


The right power for creating 
countless shapes 

You can process thicker materials, even stainless steel, creating thousands of shapes 
using 22 tons of thrust power. 


3D model of shaped tube
3D model of shaped tube
3D model of shaped tube
3D model of shaped tube
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