New ideas for two wheels

The frame, exhaust system, components, and accessories are elements in which the machining of a tubular parts, whether laser cutting, bending or end-forming, often comes into play. 
A single supplier, expert in these processes and able to integrate the systems in a single production process is a guarantee of quality,
, and profitability. 

Production systems for the motorcycle sector

Innovation needs technology

From bicycles to motorcycles, this sector produces highly desirable objects and thrives on continuous innovation in materials and shapes more than others. Modern processing technologies capable of adapting to changing market demands are needed.  

Trim and cut features in hydroformed or bent parts with 5-axis laser cutting systems, specifically designed to operate without the need to reposition the part.
Consistent accuracy with all-electric bending systems. The integration of bending and laser cutting systems also makes it possible to obtain precise parts from the very first attempt.
Optimize your production cycle by reducing assembly costs with the possibilities offered by Lasertube systems.

BLM GROUP solutions for the motorcycle sector

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Take advantage of the integration between BLM GROUP systems to easily work on complex parts. 



Use 3D laser cutting systems to cut bent, drawn, and hydroformed tubes to quickly obtain precise, ready-to-assemble components. 

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We respond quickly to your needs, to guarantee maximum availability of your system. With our remote assistance services, downtime is minimized and everything else turns into profit.

You can always access the augmented reality of
Active Eye, the smart notifications of the Help button, or the remote diagnostics of TELESER.

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