Vertical end-forming machine with compact layout.




AST8-VE vertical end-forming machine with compact layout
facing, chamfering,
For tubes up to
40 mm
in diameter
Up to
80 kN
in thrust
Can be equipped up to
processing stations

Perfect for all manufacturing cells.

Thanks to a very small footprint it can be easily integrated into complex manufacturing cells.

With AST8-VE you can create your complete production process, manage it from a single control point and make it grow over time or adapt it to new uses.

Copper tube bent and end-formed on both ends

Multiply your space!

Less space occupied in your workshop.

The ram tools carriage with vertical movement ensures a compact structure and saves up to 50% of floor space.

And with multiple machines, the saved space is multiplied!

Steel tubes bent and end-formed on both ends

Repeatability and accuracy

Makes end-formed tubes with the highest precision and productivity using all-electric technology.

Easy to program using VGP2D, the AST8-VE can end-form tubes of any material: copper, aluminium, stainless steel or mild steel, respecting the highest process capacity standards.

AST8-VE vertical end-forming machine with compact layout

The maximum possibilities, the smallest possible footprint!

Minimize cycle time thanks to optimized axis management.

Thanks to the vertical configuration, at your disposal, all the space necessary for complex end-forming, without having to change ram tools, everything is much faster.

The right power
for a unique freedom of shapes.

End-form thicker material and stainless steel with 8 tons of thrust power to create a wide array of shapes.

Stainless steel tube end-formed on both ends
Copper tube end-formed on both ends
Aluminium tube end-formed on both ends

All-electric technology:
simple, precise, efficient.

Quick production changes
Quickly change production thanks to the automatic set-up and no manual adjustments.
Reliability and quality
Maintain constant precision and quality of processes. All-electric technology ensures reduced maintenance and maximum reliability, and a clean and quiet system.
Minimum energy consumption
Ensure ever better performance with up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional technologies.
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