For the environment and the territory



Care for what surrounds us 

Care for the environment, local communities and partners

We build responsible relationships with local communities and our partners.
We respect their needs and establish strong, fair and transparent relationships to grow together.

We do this by taking care of:

- Our partners
- The community
- The environment


We value local businesses in order to grow together with the region.
We supply only quality products and select our suppliers carefully and in accordance with current guidelines.

Clean supply chain, quality products


We want to contribute to the well-being of our area and that of our families.
That is why we are committed to supporting them with activities and events that can enrich them,
while respecting people and Human Rights.


We ensure an inclusive work environment that respects
the right work-life balance. That is why, wherever possible,
we have taken measures to allow for greater flexibility
in terms of working hours and locations.


Family events
every year


People with flexible
hours / remote working
Image 1
Image 2

Corporate Volunteering

We want to promote the human and
professional growth of our people, not
only through constant learning.
We recognize the value of volunteering
and encourage it as a common path of
improvement for both the community and
the company.

Hours in volunteering
People involved
in volunteering
Image 3

Goals for
the future

We will continue to be active in local
communities, lending a hand and growing the
local area, with aid toward sports and culture.

Sponsorships to local organizations

We want to be a point of reference for
the area in which we operate.
That's why we promote cultural and
sports events to promote the welfare
of local communities.


Sponsored organizations
Image 4


We are committed to acting sustainably, minimizing environmental impacts.
Our sites are equipped with efficient systems to make the most of renewable energy.
Our machines are born sustainable: they are designed to optimize energy consumption and not emit polluting gases.



New production buildings take advantage of geothermal and
photovoltaic systems to provide a comfortable year-round
working environment while reducing energy consumption.

Diesel heating
Road transport
Giga joule (GJ)
Machinery energy efficiency for lower energy consumption

Maximum efficiency
and reduced consumption

Our products are designed to optimize energy
consumption and minimize environmental impact,
thanks to All-Electric technology.
Safe for people, safe for the environment.

Goals for
the future

Increase the amount of renewable energy we
produce for our locations and cover most of
our energy needs with sustainable energy.


Renewable energy self-generated by 2030

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