Programming LT7 is very easy with ArTube

ArTube is the CAD/CAM for programming, importing, drawing or modifying single or complete assemblies (even entire frames) and turn them into working programs for your Lasertube, in a simple and efficient way.

Import 3D models
You can import 3D models created with external CAD in STEP, IGES, XT and even IFC formats.
The workflow
Your workflow is intuitive because only the controls specific for your current work is shown.
Just one click
A click of the mouse is all it takes to change the properties of any object (part, single job, etc.).
Save time
Save time with the new "tree view" of the entire design, whether it’s an assembly or a single part.
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Libraries and functions
Welding management
3D Model management

Libraries and functions

Bend cuts, constraints and relationships, variables and joints.
You have specific libraries and features at your disposal to create features quickly and intuitively.

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Cutting with LT7:
no experience needed

LT7 can also be used without previous experience.
Skills are not fundamental at the beginning but can be built up along the way by attending our professional training courses.

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