Sheet laser cutting


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Elevate your performance in 2D laser cutting.

Available models 3015 and 4020
Fiber laser source
Simultaneous axis acceleration 2g


All you need now and what you will need tomorrow for fiber-laser sheet metal cutting. 

Work area from 3,000 x 1,500 to 6,000 x 2,000 mm
Fiber laser source
Power up to 12 kW


Laser sheet and tube cutting on a single machine, with the performance of two dedicated systems. Tube part: continuous and automatic bundle loading and unloading.

Sheet metal work area up to 6.0x2.0 - tube up to Ø120 mm and 8.5 m long 


Used and Guaranteed

Completely refurbished, warranted, and equipped with original spare parts.

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Smooth and defined cutting edges, no burns, and constant quality throughout production on thin and thick material, always cut with optimum power, adjusted according to the cutting path and complexity of the geometries. With water-assisted cutting, thicker materials can be efficiently
cooled during the cutting process allowing parts to be nested more compactly and gaining greater material utilization. The cost per part is reduced.

Stainless steel gear wheel
Thick steel grid
Piece of high complexity in steel

New opportunities...
greater competitiveness

Discover the advantages of a combined machine.

Whether you want to consider it now or in the future, you will choose to save space and installed power.

In addition, you can use the production capacity of the machine 24/7 – tube by day and sheets by night in unmanned mode.

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With the common criteria already widely discussed on the web including laser power, work area, axis acceleration and price, in this article we will focus on the 7 additional assessment criteria for choosing a sheet laser cutting system that can have a fundamental impact on return on investment.

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Topic: Sheet-laser-cutting
Lasertube and benders systems providing a global service to customers

Having a single supplier for multiple production equipments offers many advantages: a one-stop-shop for assistance, integration and management of production of different process technologies and a partner to build a long-term and trustful relationship with to face future challenges. That’s why Leku-Ona has chosen BLM GROUP.

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