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BLM GROUP systems are the solution to satisfying the stringent quality requirements of the aerospace sector. The experience in working with special materials, the precision and repeatability of the processes, and rapid prototyping make it easy to obtain the desired results, especially in an industry where every detail is critical.   

Components for the aerospace sector

Quality and precision require high technology

Precise and correct parts from the first attempt to prevent wasting special materials.
Single supplier
A single supplier for tube processing technologies ensures process reliability.
Systems that are easy to set up for rapid prototyping. Fast and reliable for mass production.

Quality is born from experience 

Choose the experience of those who have in-depth knowledge of tube processing technologies and special materials in your
industry, to achieve 
flawless quality

Air and fluid lines

Air and fluid lines 

Bending with All-Electric systems guarantees quality because 2D and 3D laser cutting are synonymous with precision. 

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Remote support

We respond quickly to your needs, to guarantee maximum availability of your system. With our remote assistance services, downtime is minimized and everything else turns into profit.

You can always access the augmented reality of
Active Eye, the smart notifications of the Help button, or the remote diagnostics of TELESER.

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Always close to you

We are always by your side to help you develop new products and optimize your production. Our training services help you develop your skills.

Our maintenance services help you maintain 100% machine availability.

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Kern Steel Fabrication


They reduced the cost of processing and simplified the assembly phases after cutting.

Find out how they did it with LT8.20.

High-tech solutions for your sector

BLM GROUP's high-tech solutions
can be found in virtually every industry.
We understand each industry has unique needs and specific requirements. The variety of requests and solutions applied allows you to benefit from experience and ready skills for your needs.