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production right away

With ArtCut you can program your 3D laser cutting cell off-line.
Import 3D models
Import any three-dimensional profile in formats STEP, IGES, XT.
Program the entire cell
Program all elements of the 3D laser cutting cell including the robot.
Safe with no collisions
Eliminate risks using the automatic collision detection to simulate the work cycle.
Quick estimates
Quickly respond to your customers with a quote using the cycle time estimator.
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Save time with its new features 

Fixing jigs
Sheet module

Fixing jigs

Automatically draws the workpiece fixing jigs.
You can edit them and create the program to make them with your LT-FREE.

Integrated laser cutting and bending like never before

Today you can manage the waste on bent tubes without having to draw it on other 3D CAD software, but import it directly from VGPNext or simply create it in directly in Artcut. 

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Programming is easy and starting production is even easier

The machine interface helps you with its simplicity.

The tree view of the part program, together with simple and intuitive 3D graphics, help you get a clear view of the entire work cycle.

With a touch you can make changes, make corrections, set technology options and manage micro-joints and Active features.

All without having to go back to Artcut, to go quickly into production.

LT-FREE 3D laser cutting system interface

Your machine is always under control

From the interface of your LT-FREE, you can monitor the status of the system and which maintenance procedures need to be performed, in order to operate in the best working condition.

3D laser cutting system maintenance interface
ArtCut training courses

We made 3D laser cutting easy


From programming to starting production, we have made our 3D laser cutting systems even easier to use. Skills are not fundamental at the beginning but can be built up along the way by attending our professional training courses.

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