Cut for the future

Laser cutting, always top quality

Quality and precision of cuts guaranteed, thanks to devices along the entire working line that support the tube to be laser cut during all stages of processing, even the longest bars.

Devices for supporting tubes during laser cutting

Tube support devices

Universal rollers for supporting metal tubes in the loading phase. Conveyers serve as additional containment for round tubes.

Smart shapes for supporting metal profiles in the unloading phase

Supports in the unloading area

The tube is always supported. When unloading, smart shapes support the weight of the tube together with the boards.

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Productive on small and large batches

Choose the length best suited for your needs (28 or 41 ft | 8.5 m or 12.5 m) and freely rest bars of different cross-section and length on the chain loader. Each bar will be separated automatically. Prepare the next bar without interrupting the cutting in progress, whether processing small or large batches.

Chain loading on semi-open machine

Active Tools:
smart functions to improve your productivity

Let Active Tools handle the adjustments for you

Warped tubes
Active Scan
Batch numbering
Active Marking
High productivity
Active Piercing
Automatic features to optimize laser cutting
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Discover the flexibility
of laser cutting

Steel tie-rod for a funicular
Interlocking of round steel sections for bridges
Steel tube for farming machinery
Steel interlocking for structural frame
Tubular steel component for farming trailer
Marine oil sector load-bearing structure
Automatic compaction (nesting) saves material

Save time and material

Use all the material and minimize scrap at the end of the tube. The machine determines how to gain the greatest yield from each bar, automatically optimizing the nesting sequence.

ArTube: the most comprehensive CAD/CAM software for Lasertube on the market

ArTube: your ally in programming

ArTube is the CAD/CAM software for Lasertube that enables 360° management of metal profiles with multiple features that help you easily program beams, tubes and special sections in every aspect.

Choose the safety
for your job

Work safely and confidently: LT12 is a CE marked Class 1 laser safe system. The loading area includes an independent safety system for introducing a new bundle of tubes without interrupting production.

Increase your
production efficiency


Prometheus provides reliable quotes and allows you to identify the best production strategy for both single parts and entire production batches.

It also allows you to manage logistics planning, monitoring and productivity analysis phases, with the possibility of integrating with your ERP.

All the systems communicate with each other and simulate the manufacturing process to support the solution of daily start-up and production changeover problems.

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LT12 technical information 



3 - 4 - 5 kW (Fiber)

Cutting head

Tube Cutter 3D


Front chain loader 

Fully automatic

Minimum automatic loadable length

2.5 m

Loading length

8.5 m - 12.5 m


Front chain unloader 

Fully automatic

Unloading length

6.5 m - 8.5 m - 12.5 m

Machinable tubes 

Bar weight

62 kg/m

Machinable materials

Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass


Min. scrap with scrap efficiency mode

113 mm

Min. scrap without scrap efficiency mode

260 mm

LT12 laser tube cutting layout
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