Tube Bending Technology.


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Quickly adaptable to changes of production and capable of offering real advantages in terms of feasibility,
productivity and quality Tube bending machines. BLM GROUP offers a wide range of machines for tubes
up to 150 mm diameter that are easy to use and program.


Tube bending machines for complex parts without straight sections between bends.

Tubes up to Ø 50.8 mm
Right-hand and left-hand in-process



Tube bending machines for small, medium and large parts without straight sections between bends. 

Tubes up to Ø 150 mm 
Right-hand or left-hand convertible 



High-production tube bending machine for complex shapes with small to medium diameter tubes.

Tubes up to Ø 28 mm 
Right-hand and left-hand in-process 




Tube processing from coil that includes straightening, cutting, bending and end-forming. 

Tubes up to Ø 22 mm 
Right-hand and left-hand in-process 



Used and Guaranteed

Completely refurbished, warranted, and equipped with original spare parts and the latest version of Artube.

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Many possibilities for your work

Fixed radius tube bending: bending or stretching and variable radius. 

Right-handed and left-handed bending in-process and right-hand or left-handed configurable. 

Manual, automatic or coil loading, automatic or robot unloading. 

Perfect for integrating to working cells and for interfacing with the other BLM GROUP technologies: Lasertubes, saw cutting and end-forming. 

Your possibilities are unlimited! 

Parts right from the start 


Quickly change production, eliminate waste and trial runs, and start producing every new part right away with your tube bending machine.

In the past, trial and error testing was essential, as well as skill, to get the desired bend. Today, with B_Tools, the
first part is already right! Regardless of your operator's experience.

Flexibility is served! 


Simple, precise, efficient.

Quick production changes
Quickly change production thanks to the automatic set-up and the absence of manual adjustments.
Reliability and quality
Keep precision and quality of workmanship constant over time. Thanks to the All-electric technology you have reduced maintenance, maximum reliability and a clean and silent system.
Minimum energy consumption
Ensure even better performance with energy savings of up to 70% compared to traditional technologies.

Unlimited applications

No matter what alloy, large or small diameter, or strict part tolerances, our tube bending machines are the ally you need to be even more competitive and enter new markets. 


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