The evolution in metal laser cutting.


2D laser-cutting in less space, in less time.

Choose the configuration that best suits your needs and optimize the space in your workshop.
The accessory cell can be positioned as needed around the 2D laser-cutting enclosure.

2D LS7 laser-cutting machine configurations
2D LS7 laser-cutting machine configurations
2D LS7 laser-cutting machine configurations
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Scrap and fume management

2D laser beam control
for perfect edges.

The machine automatically changes the diameter of the laser beam to give you faster cuts on thinner materials and cleaner cuts on thicker ones.

A thick piece made by 2D laser-cutting

Perfect nozzles with automatic changes and monitoring.

Your only job will be to set up 2D laser-cutting. The machine will take care of cleaning, changing and checking the nozzles for wear.

Nitrogen or oxygen? With compressed air, you have the best of both worlds.

You get the same productivity as with nitrogen at a fraction of the cost and the parts are ready for painting.

compressed air cutting of construction steel

Active Tools:
productivity, safety, quality,
automation and ease of use.

Let Active Tools handle the adjustments for you.

Challenging jobs
Active Piercing
Optimum cut
Active Zoom
Zero waste
Active Camera
Laser-cut grid on thick sheet metal
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Machine interface that guides you through every step.

Manage your 2D laser system easily from cutting parameters to production progress or monitor the status of your machine to schedule maintenance. Everything from the machine interface.

2D laser cutting machine interface

You choose the power of the laser.

2D laser-cutting power and processable thickness

Laser power can vary from 3 to 12 kW depending on the thickness and quality of the material to be cut. Ask the sales office for more information to choose the right power for your needs.

2D laser-cutting machine production statistics


You have immediate control over the progress and production statistics of your LS7 by accessing your BLMportal from any device.

Industry 4.0 technology

Boost your production process by integrating LS7 with your corporate ERP and maximize the benefits of Industry 4.0

laser-cutting system integrated with Industry 4.0

Cutting with LS7:
no experience needed

Use LS7 even without any prior experience in laser-cutting of metal. The 2D laser system is designed for a wide range of users, from experts to novices. But don't worry! You can enrich your knowledge with our training courses.

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machine interface

Discover the potential of 2D laser-cutting

A high-quality part made with a 2D laser
A high-quality part made with a laser machine
A high-quality part made with a laser machine
Gear wheel made with 2D laser system
Complex 2D laser-cut machining
High-quality part with water-cooled 2D laser

Choose safety for your work.

Be sure to work at zero risk and the highest safety standards: LS7 is a CE marked Class 1 system. Special windows and a fully enclosed cutting area protect you from the risks of laser radiation.

Maximum gain in speed, precision and power.

LS7 – 2D fiber-laser sheet cutting system
Technical specifications


Max. XY speed

140 m/min (5552 ipm)

Maximum XY acceleration

20 m/s²


±0,05 mm


±0,03 mm

Working capacity

Processable metals

Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass

Maximum sheet dimensions

3.090 mm x 1.555 mm (121.5" x 61.2") [3015]
4.130 mm x 2.020 mm (162.5" x 79.5") [4020]


Crosswise configuration dimensions

LS7 - 3015

Crosswise configuration dimensions

LS7 - 4020

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