Automatic cold saw for tubes and bars

Automatic cold saw for tubes and bars

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The BLM GROUP saw cutting systems are the result of over sixty years of expertise in tube handling and processing.


Saw cutting for tubes.

Max. diameter Ø 102 mm
Automatic adjustments
Max. part length 4500 mm


Single- and double-bar saw cutting.

Single tube max. Ø 80 mm
Double tube 2x max. Ø 45 mm
Max. part length 6090 mm


Circular cold saw for tubes and profiles.

For tubes max. Ø 102 mm
For full bars max. Ø 65 mm (steel alloy)
For full bars max. Ø 102 mm (aluminum alloy and brass)
Cutting length 5 - 500 mm

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remote programming and scheduling

Monitor every step of your production process to measure efficiency and costs. You will be able to remotely send batch data and receive real-time information on the productivity of the machine and the work in progress. With an accurate estimate of part cost, you can accurately assess your profit margins.

Chained operations

In-line, value add operations can be integrated for a comprehensive production process.
Brush deburr, washing, measuring, and part collection, with different levels of automation, streamline your production flow and reduce handling of semi-finished products.

Chained operations.


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