Power and precision at the service
of tube bending

An extra gear!
To program and simulate your tube bending machine in 3D

You'll be amazed how VGPNext software helps machine operators.
Operators of any level of expertise can program the tube bending machine and achieve the required results,
on time and without material waste.

Tube bending program library

Create your new workpiece

Select a bending program already available in the library and you will already have all the bending parameters you need saved directly in it.

Tube bending machine 3D simulation

Start production safely

Take advantage of the simple and user-friendly programming flow and eliminate any risk of collision using the true-to-life bending machine 3D simulation.

Tube bending angle correction

Make perfect curves

The software suggests how to eliminate any defects from the bent tube and can even learn from your experiencea.

Monitora avanzamento Produzione curvatubi

Improve your productivity

Work efficiently at all times. Monitor the progress of your machine production and always keep track of the status of your systems.

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Automatic tube bending springback compensation

Get the part right from the start

With B_Tools, VGPNext automatically compensates for elongation and springback in tube bending.

Whatever the operator’s level of expertise, get the part right from the start with no trial and error and no waste.

tube bending machine HMI

Use VGPNext efficiently from the multitouch screen of your tube bending machine. On the console, you can operate the machine in manual mode and monitor the system and production progress.

Everything on the machine

All the information you need is onboard the machine: user manual, maintenance tutorial, exploded drawings so you can immediately identify any spare parts and user tutorials.

Easy-to-use wire bending machine HMI

Program your tube bending machine from the office too

You can program on your tube bending machine or from the comfort of your desk.
Either way, never interrupt your production!

Start in one click
Create your new job by selecting a part from the library or importing coordinates from a 3D model.
No adjustments
VGPNext adapts the part program to the machine of your choice so you get the part right from the start.
Produce in total safety
Eliminate the risk of collisions. You can also simulate the use of an accessory before purchasing it.
Quick estimates
Respond quickly to customers. Find bending tools and estimated cycle time quickly.

tube bending functions



Import and recognize CAD files fully automatically on your tube bending machines. Even import non-round section tubes. Do everything in one environment, either in the office or on the machine.

Tool Room: your tooling warehouse

VGPNext imports the part and creates the list of bending tools you need. Tool Room checks if they are in the store or identifies alternatives among the tools you already have.

Simple and
even more powerful

No prior experience is needed to use VGPNext, but you can always upgrade your skills along the way with our professional training courses.

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