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Training and innovation are keys to the future.

As a high-tech company, we live off new ideas, innovation and training.With our commitment to the training of new recruits, education and research, with our partners, we want to reawaken the passion for technology to prepare a better future.

Collaborations with technical schools and universities

Training and innovation are keys to the future.

We promote and organize internships and vocational courses.
During the curricular internships, interns are followed by the company mentors day-by-day for continual on-the-job training.
Alongside these activities, participating students are asked to develop school projects or dissertations.
The BLM GROUP Human Resources department coordinates the recruitment, selection, management and development of secondary school graduates and university graduates. We organize company presentations, lectures and Career Days at several schools and universities to attract the best talents to our company.

Some of our partnerships
The Polytechnic University of Milan
The Polytechnic University
of Milano
University of Trento
of Trento
University of Padova
of Padova
European Institute of Design
European Institute
of Design
National Research Council of Italy
National Research Council
of Italy
IISS Galileo Galilei Bolzano
IISS Galileo Galilei
I.T.I.S. Magistri Cumacini
Magistri Cumacini
ITT Buonarroti - Trento
Technical -Technological Institute
ITT Marconi Rovereto
Technical- Technology Institute
Marconi Rovereto
Enhancing the value of young people.

Enhancing the value of young people.

We start and support training projects in different schools for various age groups because training is the springboard for innovation. What would businesses be without innovation?

We invite groups of students on guided tours of our production facilities.

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Training projects.

The main objective of these activities is to facilitate the meeting between companies and young people in an unconventional and informal setting.


Teams of university students challenge our technologies, interfacing with our teams of experts.
We host teams of university students for a few days inviting them to invent new ways of using our technologies.


ManuThon is a classic Hackathon competition focused on Manufacturing.
Brilliant young people selected from all over Italy (Bachelor, Master, PhD students) compete to create and develop innovative ideas in response to challenges suggested by us and other companies in the industry.

You are
You Are Project

Children are fascinated by technology and very fast to grasp its principles. At BLM GROUP, we want to satisfy this thirst for knowledge from the earliest age. The opportunity is given to us by the “Tu Sei” ("You Are") project.
Through the direct involvement of students from primary and middle schools in the province of Trento, we organize technical development, design, analysis and review of business activities of different kinds according to the school curricula and the companies' specialization.

Higher Education
Higher Education

We have a consolidated partnership with the Technical- Technologic Institute Marconi of Rovereto as part of the two-year Advanced Training course.
We collaborate in the development of the educational program, in the selection of students, in the organization of company visits, and internships at our plants

Open positions.

Do you want to become one of our Resourceful Humans? Please send us your resume.
Innovation is what we do. And our innovation is based on the unique qualities and ideas
of everyone works in the BLM GROUP, at all levels.


Sales Area Manager

Levico Terme (TN)

We are looking for candidates with significant sales and technical experience gained in industrial companies that design and build automatic machine tools, investment goods or B2B technical products.


Field Service Engineer

Veghel, The Netherlands

Field Service Engineer (FSE) is the role dedicated to the installation, testing, training and repair of automation machines and systems.

The role requires education (diploma or degree) in electrotechnics, electronics, mechatronics & mechanical engineering; dynamism and desire to travel; ability to effectively manage the relationship with the customer.

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What is the BLM GROUP Academy?

What is the BLM GROUP Academy?
A strategic corporate tool for systematically fostering the individual and organizational development of human resources skills, and their effects on the business.

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