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Lasertube systems are our 2D and 3D laser cutting systems for tubes, bars and profiles, from 12 mm to 610 mm (.5” to 24") in diameter and up to 18 m (60') in length.


The simplest way to enter the tube laser cutting world.

Tubes up to 120 mm (24")
2D cut
Fiber laser

Discover LT5


The fully-automatic solution that guarantees maximum productivity and fast production changes.

Tube ∅ Range min. 12 - max. 152.4 mm
3D cutting mode
Fiber laser

Discover LT7


The solution with the widest working range in tube laser cutting.

Tubes up to 240 mm
3D cutting mode
CO2 or fiber laser

Discover LT8.20


The most productive solution for tubes of any section.

Tubes up to 152.4 mm
2D cut
CO2 or fiber laser

Discover LT FIBER EVO / LT722D


The fiber solution for large diameter tubes and profiles.

Tubes up to Ø 355 mm
3D cutting mode
Fiber laser

Discover LT14 FIBER

LT14 / LT24

The CO2 solution for large diameter tubes and profiles.

Tubes up to 355 mm / 610 mm
3D cutting mode
CO2 laser

Discover LT14/LT24


Combined laser system for tube and sheet metal cutting.

Tubes up to 120 mm
Sheets up to 6000 mm x 2000 mm
Fiber Laser

Discover LC5


Used and Guaranteed

Completely refurbished, warranted, and equipped with original spare parts and the latest version of Artube.

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Whatever your customers' requests, with Lasertube you can recommend
improvements to part design from the extensive library of connections
for assembling without screws or welds.

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Save time and reduce the number of components.

Make tubular frames and metal structures that are more precise and faster to assemble.

Complete your part in one programming step, in one machining step, and on one system.


Lasertube, your new competitive edge.

Conventional technology

Final accuracy ± 5 mm

14 min
Plasma cutting

35 min

10 min

Lasertube technology

Final accuracy ± 0.1 mm

4 min 50 sec
Laser cutting

Component for industrial vehicle deriving from laser cut tube
-40 % cost per part

Conventional technology

Final accuracy ± 2 mm

2 min
Cutting to size

35 min

10 min

Lasertube technology

Final accuracy ± 0.1 mm

1 min
Laser cutting

-30% cost per part

Conventional technology

Final accuracy ± 3mm

3 min
Cutting to size

35 min

12 min

Lasertube technology

Final accuracy ± 0,1 mm

8 min 20 sec
Laser cutting

Tubo per impiego strutturale tagliato laser cianfrinato
-25% cost per part

An ever-expanding universe

With Lasertube systems, you can create new applications or improve existing ones, entering new industrial sectors and increasing profit margins.


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Topic: lasertube
Sheet laser cutting – features that optimize performance!

When one thinks of BLM GROUP’s laser machines, one immediately thinks of Lasertube systems.

It is quite natural that BLM GROUP is firmly associated to laser tube cutting as the technology was invented, developed and brought to the current level of reliable high productivity systems, by BLM GROUP.

This spectacular success in the tube sector sometimes makes people forget that BLM GROUP has been manufacturing laser sheet cutting systems for the past 30 years.

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Best cutting technology for the fabrication of steel structures

The steel construction sector demands radical changes in the processes used to cut H, C and IPE type tubes and profiles and to prepare them for successive fabrication steps. There is an increased demand to construct ultra-modern structures. The ever-increasing complexity of forms and requirement of esthetically appealing appearances present a growing fabrication challenge. This modern trend is also seen in residential buildings. Additional aspects of the modern trend are eco-sustainability and the need to complete the projects in shorter time frames to reduce costs.

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