Tube and sheet metal, only one
laser cutting system


Value in perfect balance


Combined system with basic LC5 configuration
Available configurations
and sizes
Sheet working areas up to
6000 x 2000 mm
Tube diameter up to
120 mm
Bundle loading length up to
6.5 m

Immediate switch-over from
tube to sheet

Switching from sheet to tube and vice versa is quick and immediate.
There is no need to reconfigure or retool the machine, so you use every minute for production and optimize your investment.

A laser system that grows with your needs
Completion of the next sheet working system with the laser tube cutting part

Break down the expense and ensure an investment plan consistent with your development strategies!

LC5 optimally integrates two systems: a dedicated module for sheet metal cutting and a dedicated module for tube cutting.
The tube cutting module can be added in 
the future as your business needs change. With the option of automatic sheet loading and unloading and storage towers, useful for automatic production changeover between different materials and thicknesses, you have the most complete solution available on the market.
You can split up the expense and ensure an investment plan coherent with your development strategies.

Automatic tube loading and unloading

When higher productivity is needed, the LC5 automatic loader becomes indispensable. It extracts the bars from the bundle, one after the other, and continuously feeds the working line, without manual intervention.

The cut parts are unloaded automatically and accumulated in the box. The scraps, instead, end up in a separate container, so the machine is always clean and at maximum efficiency. 

Electric sheet pallet change 

The 3000 X 1500 mm, 4000 X 2000 mm and 6000 X 2000 mm versions are all equipped with dual shelves and automatic changeover, both in the longitudinal and transversal machine configurations. There is a manual solution with a single shelf for limited productions.

Choose which version best suits your needs! 

Dual sheet loading and unloading table

Choose the laser power that suits you best

Steel, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum sheets, thin or thick materials - the best cut, always. 

You can optionally equip the LC5 with a fiber laser source from 2 to 12 kW of power according to your production requirements. 

Machinable thickness depends on the maximum power of the source

BLMelements: the software suite that creates value


Design of parts and frames in a three-dimensional graphical CAD/CAM environment (ArTube) designed to exploit every performance margin of the Lasertubes.
Libraries of functions that speed up and simplify design on the tube.
Accurate batch time and cost estimates for a detailed estimate (PartViewer).
Remote planning and real-time monitoring of work in progress (ProTube).

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ideal for your goals?
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