A breath of fresh air in
production systems

A breath of fresh air in
production systems

The world of air treatment requires productivity, automation, precision, and repeatability. That is why it makes sense to rely on a single, experienced supplier with both single systems and flexible manufacturing cells.  

Industrial air conditioning system made by coil-fed bending and end-forming machines

Automation at the service of productivity

Quick changeover from one machining operation to the next with virtually no set-up time loss.
High-quality and productivity without compromise with coil-fed bending with mandrel.
Production cells made up of independent systems that can be reconfigured according to production requirements.

BLM GROUP solutions for the HVAC world

BLM GROUP always by your side in tube processing

Efficient and controlled production processes

Improve the efficiency of your production process with flexible production cells. 

Heat exchanger


Bending and end-forming on tubes and wire-wound resistances inside boilers and other heating systems. 

Many different solutions: coil-fed or single feed, standalone or flexible cells. 

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Remote support

We respond quickly to your needs, to guarantee maximum availability of your system. With our remote assistance services, downtime is minimized and everything else turns into profit.

You can always access the augmented reality of
Active Eye, the smart notifications of the Help button, or the remote diagnostics of TELESER.

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Always close to you



Always close to you

We are always by your side to help you develop new products and optimize your production. Our training services help you develop your skills.

Our maintenance services help you maintain 100% machine availability.

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Lasertube and benders systems providing a global service to customers

Having a single supplier for multiple production equipments offers many advantages: a one-stop-shop for assistance, integration and management of production of different process technologies and a partner to build a long-term and trustful relationship with to face future challenges. That’s why Leku-Ona has chosen BLM GROUP.

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Criteria Checklist for selecting the right tube bending machine

If you are considering buying a tube bending machine, this checklist will help you to select the most suitable machine to satisfy your requirements. This is a basic guideline that explains the important parameters involved.

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High-tech solutions for your sector

BLM GROUP's high-tech solutions
can be found in virtually every industry.
We understand each industry has unique needs and specific requirements. The variety of requests and solutions applied allows you to benefit from experience and ready skills for your needs.