3D Laser Cutting Technology


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With our 3D laser cutting cells, you have a world of unlimited possibilities for laser cutting any 3D part:
bent, hydroformed, deep-drawn, die-cast, flat and stamped tubes.


The most cost-effective and versatile way to enter the 3D laser cutting world.

Cutting robot
Work area up to 1500 mm x 1000 mm
Fiber laser



The most flexible and productive solution to enter the world of 3D laser cutting.

5-axis cutting head 
Work area up to 3000 mm x 1000 mm 
Fiber laser 



Used and Guaranteed

Completely refurbished, warranted, and equipped with original spare parts and the latest version of Artube.

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Imagine what you can do
and do what you can imagine.

Whatever the part you need to produce, with 3D laser cutting your advantages
multiply in terms of feasibility, productivity, quality and convenience.

Advantages of 3D laser cutting of a racing motorcycle exhaust tailpipe

Parallel machining | High-reflective material | Single machine tooling | Loading
and unloading safely during machine operation | Guaranteed repeatability

Advantages of 3D laser cutting of a motorcycle frame

No part reworking | Reduced cycle time | Increased
productivity | Minimum investment in tools

Advantages of 3D laser cutting of an exhaust pipe for commercial vehicles

Minimum investment in tools | Guaranteed repeatability | No
part reworking | No rejects

Advantages of 3D laser cutting of a hydroformed tube pipe for the automotive sector

Maximum feasibility on complex profiles | Machining of several parts in one
step | Minimum investment in tools | Guaranteed accuracy and repeatability.

Why choose 3D laser cutting?

Program your cell offline and kick off production on the machine in no time.

3D laser cutting of parts of any shape, such as hydroformed, bent, stamped, drawn and die-cast tubes.

Complete your part in a single programming step, in one job and on one system.


3D Laser cutting: a new competitiveness

Conventional technology (1 part)

1 minute 
Manual cut 

4.5 minutes 

9.6 minutes 

Lasertube technology

1.5 minutes
3D laser cutting 

3D laser-cut tube (1 part)
Cost per part: -60%
on batch of 1,000 parts

Robot handling: feasibility, precision
and productivity

With robotic handling you can boost productivity, precision, and laser cutting
of parts such as bent or hydroformed tubes all in one work cycle.

An ever-expanding universe

3D laser cutting allows you to create new applications and overcome the limitations of traditional technologies. Enter new industrial sectors and gain new profit margins. 


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