Free your design and create any
bend for the tube

Right-hand and left-hand in-process 


As quick as thinking

Take advantage of its versatility to create new solutions. You can create a new design, redefine its shape, and let your inspiration guide you all with a few simple clicks to go straight into production with a new part.  

Its versatility makes the E-TURN the tube bending machine par excellence! 

Available in several sizes

The E-TURN is offered in a variety of models to process tubes up to 50.8 mm diameter.
Simply select the size required for your production.

E-TURN32 – All-electric in-process right-handed and left-handed bending
40 diameter

To 32 mm

E-TURN35 – All-electric in-process right-handed and left-handed bending
52 diameter

To 35 mm

E-TURN40 – All-electric in-process right-handed and left-handed bending
63 diameter

To 40 mm

E-TURN52 – All-electric in-process right-handed and left-handed bending
80 diameter

To 52 mm

Always perfect.
Power under control.

All the power you need for a perfect finish


All the power you need,
only when you need it

High-quality appearance and minimum ovality even on small radius-to-diameter ratios. The high-quality produced with the E-TURN is the result of the in-process material reaction control and working parameter management. 


Perfect results
from the first part

Quickly change production, eliminate waste, trial and error for mistake-free production of every new part, right from the start.
It used to take many attempts and great skill to obtain the desired bending shape., Today, with B-Tools, your tube bending machine guarantees error-free production from the first part and reliance on operator skill level.

Programming a tube bending machine
has never been this easy


CAD/CAM programming and 3D simulation

The user-friendly functions of the software – including program library with filters to quickly find the part, 3D simulation, defect correction and assisted design – guarantees results even for less experienced operators.
Programming is so easy that everyone looks like an expert!

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Guided programming
3D simulation
Defect correction
Daily monitoring

So reliable that you could forget about it



Automatic control features stop machine operation if a condition is detected.
This means that processes are always reliable and safe. Material waste is prevented even if the process is unmanned.



Unstoppable, reliable, robust, and systematic.
All you need to do is pick up the products at the end of the day.

Begin your job and forget about it until it’s finished.

Optimize your work with technological integration

Flexibility is essential for productivity

Standalone or connected to an automatic feeder and loader.
Combine with other BLM GROUP technologies, such as end-forming machines, Lasertubes, or sawing machines.

Create your complete production process, manage it from a single control point and make it grow over time or adapt it to new uses.


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Optimize your work with technological integration

All-electric technology:
Simple, Precise, Efficient.

Quick production changes

Quickly change production thanks to the automatic set-up and no manual adjustments.
Reliability and quality

Maintain constant precision and quality of processes. All-electric technology ensures reduced maintenance and maximum reliability, and a clean and quiet system.
Minimum energy consumption

Ensure even better performance with up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional technologies.

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whether these features are ideal for your goals?
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