Automatic. Technological. High-performing.


Unlimited possibilities without compromise


One of many possible configurations of the LT7
Round tubes, square, rectangle, and open profiles, special sections.
Cutting head
tube cutter
Tubes and profiles up to
in weight
Tube cutting
from 12 to 152,4
mm in diameter

Immediate production changeover

LT7 is automatically ready for the next production batch.

At the end of each batch, the loader, spindle, steady rest and intermediate supports automatically adapt to the new section to be cut, without ever interrupting the production cycle.

Boom! You're super efficient!

Organize your work!
Convenient control of two systems with the left-handed version of LT7.

Flexibility is being free

to choose!

Work independently with the bundle loader.

Pause the workflow to produce small batches, loading one or a few bars on the fly.

Load special and/or open profiles without management problems.

Unload short or long parts, front or back, while scrap is automatically managed.

Integrate robotic loaders or automated storage systems for continuous flow production.

Reliable results in all conditions

Let BLM GROUP Active Tools handle several operations for you.

Accurately cut geometries even on distorted tubes.
Optimized quality and cutting speed even on thick-walled materials.
Change section, material, and thickness wihtout sacrificing cut quality.
The positioning of the internal or external weld seam is always consistent.

In other words, Active Tools are the perfect partners for managing your operations!

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 3D cutting on thick steel tubes

The highest productivity at the lowest cost per part.

Zero set-backs for production changeover.
Zero slowdowns for the preparation of the machine.
Zero delays for optimizing the cutting parameters.
Faster acceleration due to rugged machine construction.
Speed and efficiency mean higher production output and lower cost per part!
What’s not to love?
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ideal for your goals?
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