Imagine and create with wire

E-FLEX CNC single-head double-turret CNC wire bending machine


Fully automatic,
all-electric wire bender
Bending head with double turret and clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation capabilities
Allows the simultaneous use of multiple bending technologies
Suitable for 3D bending of wire up
to 10 mm diameter
Production rate

Make your production take off

Produce directly from a coil and benefit from the speed of inline operations: straightening, cutting, chamfering, bending. Ideal for non-stop, 24/7 production.

Part made with a high-productivity, single-head CNC wire bender

More technology. More freedom.

The double rotating turret allows you to combine on the same piece a large variety of bending technologies.

Bending on the central bushing
Edge bending
Bending on double die
Variable radius bending
Strike bending
Interpolated bending
CNC wire bender programming

Programming is made super easy with VGP3D

Program, optimize, and simulate your work cycle quickly and easily. With the power of VGP3D, creating with wire is a piece of cake.

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