A compact, smart and ultrafast tube bender

Simple and intelligent

No experience is needed to use SMART: All movements are managed by an electric axis. Set-up is automatic, and all position and power parameters are saved together with the part program.

Tube benders with automatic set-up of tube bending equipment
Bending head
Loading and unloading
Efficient accessories

Parts always right from the start

You can always count on repeatability and geometric precision of the bent part, regardless of shape and material.

SMART compensates for errors due to the springback of the part to always have the right parts right from the start, reducing rejects and set-up times to a minimum.

Parts always repeatable with the SMART electric CNC tube bender

Designed for very tight bends

The machine adapts the working parameters to the material reactions such as elongation and springback, calibrating all the actions on the tube during the entire job to obtain curves with a centerline radius considerably lower than 1D.

Ideal when you have aesthetic needs and very limited spaces.

For bending special tubes

Flanges, fittings, flexible or corrugated parts. With SMART you can bend any type of tube. Ideal when upstream of the curvature there are processes such as end-forming or the fitting to other elements. 

Bending of tubes with flanges, bolts, flexible or corrugated parts

For bending busbar

Produce busbars for electrical power distribution. With SMART, you can bend and twist the metal strips to obtain the common components of both the energy and e-mobility sectors.

Quick tooling chageover

Change tube bending tools quickly and easily. Thanks to the quick change system you can do it in just 3 minutes. The set-up is automatic and you are immediately ready for a new production.

SMART applications

Bent tube made with CNC tube bender
Busbar made with CNC tube bender
Bent tube made with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
busbar e-mobility bent with tube bending machine
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender
Curved tube with CNC tube bender
 Curved tube with CNC tube bender

Take no risks – choose your safety features

The pedal prevents dropping the parts at the end of the loading and unloading operations.

The two-hand activation control prevents the operator from coming into contact with moving parts.

To combine safety and efficiency, the laser scanner allows you to choose the size of the work area based on the size of the part you are working on.

The machine is provided with the CE declaration of conformity and the user and maintenance manual.


CE marked tube bending machines

Integrate bending
and end-forming

Integrate SMART with our end-forming solutions to produce bent and end-formed tubes right from the start.

Ideal for extending the process from coil with mandrel and having one or more tubes bent and formed on both ends.


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Curve from coil with core

Connect 3-RUNNER with SMART and start a fully integrated process that starts from coil, shape, cut and bend with core.

Reduce the cycle time and cost as you can perform multiple operations in parallel.

Eliminates semi-finished products to be handled and stored.

Curved with core and respects the most restrictive technological parameters of curvature (average radius, diameter and thickness).

And don't stop there, discover our solutions for technological integration.

Discover our All-In-One technology

Increase your
production efficiency


Protube provides reliable quotes and allows you to identify the best production strategy for both single parts and entire production batches.

It also allows you to manage logistics, planning, monitoring, and productivity analysis with the capability to integrate to your ERP.

All the systems communicate with each other and simulate the production processes to simplify the operator's work and resolve any detected problems.

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OPC-UA bending connection

Your machine in real time

The OPC-UA interface allows you to query your machine with real-time information about the status of your production and prepares it for connection to your company's industry 4.0 network.

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SMART technical information



Round tube max. bending capacity
Round tube max. bending capacity with Max Power
Machine features
Length from die center to...
Machine power
dimensions tube bending machine for small tube


dimensions tube bending machine for small tube


A complete package for you and your operators is included in the purchase.
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