The highest level of automation

Very accurate short cuts.

Automatic sawing system for short parts from tubes, solids and special sections.
Tubes, solid bars, special sections.
Tube diameter range
max 102
mm in diameter (steel 65)
Cutting length range
max 500
mm in length (1500 mm opt.)
Blade power
max 11
kW of power

Quality starts with the blade.

Less noise, less burr and longer blade life with the 45° mounted cutting head and linear movement.
The load is uniformly distributed across the tool and wear is constantly monitored by an integrated blade protection device.

Blade guide, air-oil micro-lubrication, and cooling complete the machine equipment for a constant effectiveness on the entire application range.

Cutting of short parts of thick structural steel tube

Bar configured as you need it.

During loading, the bars are always supported to prevent falling and knocking.
This protects the surfaces of delicate tubes and reduce noises and unnecessary mechanical stress for heavier bars.

Support of the material during loading to reduce machine wear and surface damage

Easy-to-program, quick-start production changeover.

Sections can be easily changed by the operator by adjusting the handwheels on the loader at the front of the machine.

Clamp and feeding carriage pressure can be set independently to protect tubes with thin walls and delicate surfaces.

adjustment handwheels for section changes
Part and scraps
take different paths
Unloading into two separate positions for exchange of finished parts collection bins in the background and separate scraps.

Unloading into two separate positions.

Two unloading positions for parts up to 500 mm long with programmable box change function. Separate unloading on the rear side for facing and end of bar scrap. Optional device for adding two further collection positions for parts from 250 to 1500mm of length.
Cutting of short part of brass and brass alloys

Record-breaking performance with brass alloys.


The brass and copper alloy configuration has always been the absolute reference point for productivity, precision, and perpendicularity of the cut. Use of ultra-thin carbide blades means doubling the tool life and increasing your productivity even more.

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