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All our services, conveniently accessible from PC or smartphone. BLMportal is the BLM GROUP customer portal where you can find information on your machines, request assistance, purchase services and consumables, and much more! 


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Do you need any help?

BLMportal is the simplest and fastest channel to request online technical assistance for machines and software: open a ticket and you will immediately find our experts ready to diagnose the problem precisely and resolve it quickly and effectively.


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access the production statistics
On BLMportal you can access the production statistics of your online machines. Use this fundamental data, to ensure maximum efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
Through the customer portal, BLManalytics provides you with all the useful parameters to understand the real operating conditions of the machines and plan the necessary interventions. Always make your system perform at its best.

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Simple. Convenient. Worry-free.


Buy ad hoc maintenance plans online for your production

The e-commerce section of the customer portal offers you a wide variety of maintenance contracts at an even more convenient price.
Choose the most suitable solution and maximize your efficiency:

- Tailored for you
- Advantageous prices
- Purchase in the blink of an eye
Buy ad hoc maintenance plans online for your production

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Your machine at 360°

Manuals, diagrams, layouts and certificates.
Manuals, diagrams, layouts and certificates. From here you download all the documents for your machine. And you can also consult all the services active on each system. Whether it's machines or software, you can control everything comfortably from a PC or mobile thanks to BLMportal.

Always stay updated

All the latest news on your machines,
newly released software updates, the most current technological innovations.

BLMportal is the access key to making your machines always work at their best and optimizing your work.


Request technical support online
User Management

User Management

Better manage your operators by establishing personalized access levels. This way everyone will have the most suitable tools to always work at maximum efficiency.

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4 - Track your production statistics with BLManalytics.
5 - Access and download all the technical documentation for your systems.
6 - Manage your operators' access level and training.

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