CNC single-head double-turret

The programming that simplifies your work

With VGP3D you can manage your E-FLEX in a simple, comprehensive, and efficient way.

You'll never miss anything.
Store material, tools, machine parameters and geometry together with the part program.
Import 3D models.
Import individual tubes or complex multi-purpose assemblies in formats: STEP, IGES, XT.
Zero collision concerns.
Eliminate any risk of collision using the proven bending simulation cycle.
Automatic user set-up.
No manual adjustment.
Simply and quickly set the equipment data and the machine will do everything automatically.

Discover what the VGP3D can do for you.

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Change the bending sequence.

You can decide the bending order with a few clicks, check for collisions, and greatly expand the number of feasible parts.

Programming E-FLEX with VGP3D

Choose the safety
for your job

You don't need previous experience to use VGP3D, but you can always improve your skills along the way thanks to our professional training courses.

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Not just wire... Tubes, too.

BLM GROUP is unbeatable when it comes to teamwork.

VGP3D manages tube and wire bending systems and interfaces with the Lasertube programming software.

CNC wire bender programming training courses

Designed for maximum comfort

Work better and more efficiently with a 19-inch adjustable multi-touch screen, clear and simple graphic interface, and continuous visual support of the processing area via the integrated camera.

Everything you need is on the machine.

All the information you need is onboard the machine: user manual, maintenance tutorial, exploded drawings to identify any spare parts and user tutorials.

Discover what the VGP3D can do for you.

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