The highest level of automation

Simplified production and production monitoring.

A wide range of monitors will guide you through the few steps needed to start production. Remote operation can be monitored by connecting the system to the network.

new batch setup page

You will find all the parameters needed to change a section on a single, easy-to-read page

progress and productivity

Constantly monitor machine productivity and the time remaining at the end of the batch

simplified access to machine parameters

The graphical user interface guides the operator through the machine parameters on the large touchscreen panel.

Graphic interface organized into areas of relevance

Find the information for each device immediately because it is organized and graphically represented for each area of interest.

integrated cutting process.


Planning and remote monitoring of batches to be made

Gain efficiency by organizing multiple machine programs into work orders and sending them to each networked machine through Protube. Protube is the remote production scheduling and planning environment. With Protube, you can create production batches for each machine, specify the required quantities, and transmit the data.

The progress of each production can be monitored. Protube will calculate the best part nesting on the bar to help you save material. Protube can also indicate the most appropriate bar length if the material can be sourced to size.

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