Power and precision at the service
of tube bending

Programming ELECT is very easy with VGP3D

With VGP3D, you can manage your tube bending machine in a simple, complete, and efficient way.

Parts right from the start
Store material, equipment, machine parameters, and geometries to avoid trial and error testing and produce zero rejects.
Import 3D models
Import individual tubes or complex multi-purpose assemblies in formats: STEP, IGES, XT
Zero collision concerns
Eliminate any risk of collision using the proven bending simulation cycle.
Estimate quickly
Reply quickly to customers with cost and cycle time estimations plus real-time knowledge of equipment availability.

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Program your tube bending in the office

Program your tube bending
in the office

Save time and develop the program offline in the comfort of your office with the PC version of VGP3D.

Get the part right from the
start with B-Tools

By calculating tube elongation and springback, B-Tools guarantees perfect results regardless of the operator's experience.

Additional functions for your efficiency



Import and recognize CAD files automatically. Import tubes with non-round sections. Do everything in one environment, either in the office or on the machine.

Digital Bending

VGP3D imports the part and creates the list of bending tools you need. Tool Room monitors tooling inventory. If a tool needed is already in use, it identifies an alternative from your tool stock.

Tool Designer

Request drawings of the bending tools you need directly online. Once you have created your part on VGP3D, just connect to the online Tool Designer service and the system will create the drawings of the tools you need. You can download the files STEP or PDF formats. 

You can then estimate the tooling cost and respond to your customers with an accurate quote.

Simple and even
more powerful

No prior experience is needed to use VGP3D, but you can always upgrade your skills along the way with our professional training courses.

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Tube bending training course

Designed for
maximum comfort

Work better and more efficiently with the 19-inch, adjustable multi-touch screen with icon-based graphical user interface.


Everything on the machine

All the information you need is onboard the machine: user manual, maintenance tutorial, exploded drawings to identify any spare parts and user tutorials.

Discover what VGP3D can do for you.
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