LT14 / LT24
Great solutions for big projects.


Large steel structures are created here.


LT24 basic configuration
Round tubes, squares,
rectangles special sections,
open profiles.
Cutting head
Tubes and sections up to
100 kg/m or 300 kg/m
in weight
Tube machining
up to 355 mm or 610
mm in diameter

The advantages of laser cutting on large diameters and thick materials.

You benefit from considerably lower cost per part and improved part quality compared to other technologies (plasma, oxyfuel). The machining precision is always in line with the required tolerances and there is no need to make adjustments later, which saves time when quality is always under control. 

3D laser cut thick rectangular tube
Chamfering/round hole flaring by 3D laser cutting

3D cut: the advantages continue also after cutting.


It easily carries out chamfering operations on ends and holes. This is very advantageous for the parts that are to be welded. The machined edges do not require rework and are immediately ready for welding.

Changes of productionall automatically.

Changes of diameter, thickness and section: all automatically. You can switch from one section to another without retooling the machine or manual intervention.

Not only does this save significant time, but it also ensures a more reliable process that is independent of the operator's mechanical skills. The focus remains on production.

Automatic adjustment spindle for all sections

Light movements for heavy loads.

More precise and faster cuts with reduced processing times by using three spindles to hold the workpiece, eliminating any uncontrolled movements, while the lighter and faster cutting head moves along the tube.

Three spindles hold the workpiece throughout the machining process
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