BLM GROUP Financial Services
Affordable, flexible, simple.

BLM GROUP Financial Services makes it easier than ever to grow your manufacturing operations. Hold onto your cash or working capital, so it can be used for other areas of your business (expansion, R&D, etc.). Choose the right solution for your needs (low upfront investment options, flexible payment structures, etc.). We assist you in selecting a plan that is best for your business objectives.

Why work with BLM GROUP financial services?

Preserve your cash

- Maintain your independence from your bank
- No blanket liens
- No financial covenants

Get fast decisions *

- 1 business day for requests
under $500,000
- 3 business day for requests
over $500,000

Be sure of the cost

- Low interest rates and fixed
monthly payments

Simplify the process

- Our documents are easy to
understand and concise

Take advantage of our special financing offers *:

Competitive Interest Rates
Deferred Payment Options
Have Time to Ramp Up Machine Usage
Terms Up to 120 Months
Lower Your Monthly Payment
* Disclaimer: certain terms, conditions, and fees apply.

Your business is unique and so are your needs.

Learn more about what financing options may be available based on your needs.

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Do you want to minimize your out-of-pocket-costs?
Do you want some time before making normal monthly payments?
Is your business seasonal in nature?
Do you want the ability to return the equipment at the end of the financing?

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