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The BLM GROUP electric wire bending machines include single-head or double-headed systems for
processing wire, stripes, bars, and armored resistors of any shape or size.


Single-headed wire bender, ideal for making complex 3D shapes. 

Up to Ø .39" (10 mm)
From coil 


Double-headed wire bending machine ideal for medium-long, symmetrical parts, bars, and armored resistors. 

Double head 
Up to Ø .47" (12 mm)
From coil or bar 

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Wire bender: many possibilities for your work 

Single or double bending head equipped with double tool holder turret for multiple bending capabilities on the same part. 

Load from coil or bar to process wire, bars, flat tubes, or armored heating elements. 

Powerful, simple and intuitive programming with VGP3D. 

More technology. More freedom.
Using the double bending turret.

Bending on the central bushing
Edge bending
Bending on double die
Variable radius bending
Strike bending
Interpolated bending

All-electric technology: simple, precise, efficient

Quick production changes
Quickly change production thanks to the automatic set-up and the absence of manual adjustments.
Reliability and quality
Keep precision and quality of workmanship constant over time. Thanks to the All-electric technology you have reduced maintenance, maximum reliability and a clean and silent system.
Minimum energy consumption
Ensure even better performance with energy savings of up to 70% compared to traditional technologies.

Unlimited applications

Quickly adaptable to changes of production and capable of offering real advantages in terms of feasibility, productivity and quality, the BLM GROUP wire bending machine meet the requirements of a wide variety of areas of application. 


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