Coil-Fed Straightening, Cutting
and End-Forming.


Three operations,
one machine.


3-RUNNER - Coil-fed straightening, cutting and end-forming tubes from coils
Straighten, end-form,
face, cut and unload
the finished parts.
Up to
(28.6 mm)
in diameter
End-forming with up to
Possible cutting systems
blade, internal orbital or
external orbital.

No part reworking 

Optimize logistics, reduce cycle time, and eliminate loading and unloading. 

With the multiple in-line machining operations you can cut to size and end-form your workpiece in a single process. 

3-RUNNER - Automatic coil-fed end-forming
3-RUNNER - Fully electric system for straightening, cutting and shaping of the coil tube

More than productive, it is automatic. 

Start it and let it work non-stop 24/7. 
From coil to unloading, all operations are fully automatic. 

3-RUNNER - Fully electric system for straightening, cutting and shaping of the coil tube

No waste

Reduce scrap, work from coil and take advantage of one of the many cutting possibilities: external orbital, internal orbital, or blade cutting. 

3-RUNNER - In-process dimensional control

Make every part your best part 

Have complete confidence in the quality of your batch using the dimensional geometry control in real-time and on each part.


Wide variety of materials 

With 3-RUNNER, you can cut and end-form mild steel, stainless steel, copper, and
aluminum coil-fed tubes in an equally efficient and reliable way.

3-RUNNER - Coil processing of copper, iron, aluminum and stainless steel pipes

All-electric technology:
simple, precise, efficient.

Quick production changes
Quickly change production thanks to the automatic set-up and no manual adjustments.
Reliability and quality
Maintain constant precision and quality of processes. All-electric technology ensures reduced maintenance and maximum reliability, and a clean and quiet system.
Minimum energy consumption
Ensure ever better performance with up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional technologies.
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