Free Your Design and Create Any
Bend for the Tube.

Simple and intelligent

No experience is needed to use E-TURN: All movements are managed by an electric axis. Set-up is automatic, and all position and power parameters are saved together with the part program.

Tube bending machines with automatic set-up of tube bending equipment
Bending head
Loading and unloading
Efficient accessories

Suited to all needs

With the E-TURN, you have a highly versatile system, for right-handed and left-handed bending, in-process fixed or variable radius, in multi-radius mode. 

You can mount up to 8 tools at the same time and position the variable radius at any level. 

Bending of special section tubes

All parts are precise and repeatable

You can always count on repeatability and geometric precision of the bent part, regardless of material imperfections. Using special programs that can be selected by the operator, ELECT compensates variations in material quality and dimensional accuracy.


Quality is power under your control

Process small diameter tubes even for tight bend radii. High-quality appearance. No waste.  

The machine adapts the working parameters to compensate for elongation and springback, boosting the thrust force during the entire processing phase for maximum process control throughout your entire production cycle. 

In-process right-hand and left-hand bent tube

Quick changeover

Change the bending tools quickly and easily. With the quick-change system you exchange tooling in just 3 minutes. The set-up is automatic and you are immediately ready for a new production.

E-TURN Applications

STEP made with laser cut and bent tubes
Magazine rack made with bent stainless steel tube
Chairs made with left-handed and right-handed tube bending CNC process
Stool made with a CNC tube bending machine
Ice bucket stand made with a CNC tube bending and laser cutting machine
Chair made with left-handed and right-handed CNC tube bending in-process
Sun curtain made with a CNC tube bending machine

Take no risks – choose your safety features

The pedal prevents dropping the parts at the end of the loading and unloading operations.

The two-hand activation control prevents the operator from coming into contact with moving parts.

To combine safety and efficiency, the laser scanner allows you to choose the size of the work area based on the size of the part you are working on.

The machine is provided with the CE declaration of conformity and the user and maintenance manual.


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CE marked tube bending machines

Curved and end-formed tube unloading made on working cells

Integrate bending and end-forming

Integrate ELECT with our end-forming systems to produce the right bent and end-formed tube right from the start.


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Integrate All-In-One Lasertubes and tube bending machines

As a result of the bending, the elongation of the tube shifts the geometries previously cut with the laser, causing the part to be out of specification.

BLM GROUP Lasertubes and tube bending machines automatically solve these problems by exchanging information on the mechanical characteristics of the tube.

The position of the geometries to be cut is then changed to account for subsequent elongations. You will always produce laser-cut and bent parts right from the start.

Discover our All-In-One technology

Increase your
production efficiency


Protube provides reliable quotes and allows you to identify the best production strategy for both single parts and entire production batches.

It also allows you to manage logistics, planning, monitoring, and productivity analysis with the capability to integrate to your ERP.

All the systems communicate with each other and simulate the production processes to simplify the operator's work and resolve any detected problems.


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E-TURN Technical Information





Round tube max. bending capacity
Machine features
Useful length from die center to:
Power of machine
9.1 m (29.7’) 3.7 m (12.0’)


8.4 m (27.6’) 4.3 m (13.9’)

E-TURN35 | E-TURN40 | E-TURN52

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