Tube end-forming technology


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Reliable, productive, and easy to integrate with automatic loading and unloading solutions or
complex work lines, BLM GROUP tube end-forming machines can carry out a wide variety of
processes, including deburring, expanding, facing, tapering, threading, rolling,
closing, material removal and cutting.


All-electric tube end-forming machine with CNC rolling device.

Tubes up to Ø 2.0" (50 mm)
9 workstations 
Thrust up to 100 kN 


All-electric vertical tube end-forming machine.

Tubes up to 1.5” (40 mm)
7 workstations 
Thrust up to 80 kN 


Electro-hydraulic tube end-forming machine. 

Tubes up to Ø 1.6" (40 mm)
6 workstations 
Thrust up to 80 kN 


Electro-hydraulic tube end-forming machine for large diameters. 

Tubes up to Ø 4.0" (100 mm)
6 workstations 
Thrust up to 220 kN 


Straightening, cutting and end-forming coil-fed tubes.

Tubes up to Ø 1.13" (28.6 mm)
6 workstations 
Feeding from coil

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Complete technological processes for tubes 

Eliminate intermediate operations on several machines and handling and storage of semi-finished products.

Increase accuracy, productivity, and maximize system availability.

All our tube end-forming machines can be integrated with other BLM GROUP technologies to form highly reliable, versatile and productive work cells.

Unlimited applications

With broad machining capabilities and high standards of repeatability, precision, and productivity, BLM GROUP tube end-forming allow you to meet the demands of the most varied applications. 


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Topic: end-forming-machines
From coil to bent and end-formed tube

The processing of tube from "coil" has always been one of the development sectors that BLM GROUP has specialized in over the years. It can offer a wide range of solutions suitable for any need.

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