Automotive Sector

Systems that open up new paths

BLM GROUP systems, created to support the high production volumes typical of this sector, allow you to manufacture looking towards the future, processing special high-strength materials with a very complex shape. They allow you also
to develop new design and production solutions flexibly to meet the changing needs of the dynamic automotive industry.

Automotive chassis

Lots of technology. Lots of advantages.

Productivity and reduction of process costs. Maximum system availability
Process quality and sturdiness. Cp and Cpk always guaranteed
Potential to develop new products and respond effectively to change.

BLM GROUP solutions for
the automotive sector

Optimize your work with technological integration

Discover our All-In-One technology

Expand your production capacity

Our machines offer you a competitive advantage in the production of all major vehicle components: chassis, body, engine, interior, exhaust, braking or air conditioning systems.

Chassis, exhaust system and torsion bars
Fluid carrying
Engine and other components


3D laser cutting cells are ideal for cutting hot or cold stamped, hydroformed, and deep-drawn components of extremely complex shape or variable thickness.

More and more widespread, features lighten vehicles and reduce consumption and emissions.

Discover our machines to process motor vehicle body:

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Remote support for laser tube cutting machines and tube bender machines with Active Eye

Remote support

We respond quickly to your needs, to guarantee maximum availability of your system. With our remote assistance services, downtime is minimized and everything else turns into profit.

You can always access the augmented reality of
Active Eye, the smart notifications of the Help button, or the remote diagnostics of TELESER.

      Discover our remote support services.

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Always close to you

Always close to you

We are always by your side to help you develop new products and optimize your production. Our training services help you develop your skills.

Our maintenance services help you maintain 100% machine availability.


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Topic: Automotive
Automation is renewed and slashes production costs

It has been years since there has been such an upheaval in the world of automation and not only in the manufacturing field. We can talk about a real "Renaissance" or - as it has been called by theorists - a new industrial revolution, (the fourth to be precise).

New technologies, process data collection and analysis, increasingly sophisticated simulations, digital twins, widespread connectivity at various levels (WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and soon 5G), all accompanied by the ever-present and promising growth of artificial intelligence.

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Topic: Automotive
Right or left-hand or right and left-hand tube bender in automatic process

The bending direction of a tube bending machine is determined by looking down on the bend die. If it rotates clockwise when bending it is “right-hand”. Conversely, if it rotates counter clockwise, it is “left-hand”.

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High-tech solutions for your sector

BLM GROUP's high-tech solutions
can be found in virtually every industry.
We understand each industry has unique needs and specific requirements. The variety of requests and solutions applied allows you to benefit from experience and ready skills for your needs.