Tube and sheet metal, only one laser cutting system.


Two machines in one

One laser source and a single cutting head for two complementary processes, each with performance equal to
that of a dedicated system. LC5 is the answer when a small footprint is the key or if production 
do not justify two separate systems.

And as work volumes increase, you can add automated material handling 
systems, such as pallet
changers or storage towers.

View of the two working zones for tubes and sheets

View of the two working zones for tubes and sheets

Sheet handling automation from pallet changer

Sheet handling automation from pallet changer 

Integration of the storage towers for automatic thickness and material changing

Integration of the storage towers for automatic thickness and material changing  

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Ergonomic: made to be used 

Large doors on the sheet side for convenient access to the entire pallet area and the same on the tube side to load a single bar on the fly and quickly adjust section changes.
Maximum control 
at all times thanks to access on sheet side and tube side. 

Convenient access to the tube working line
Automatic nozzle change device

Perfect nozzles? With LC5 it
becomes automatic.

Work in unmanned mode without worrying about qualityThe machine changes the nozzle, keeps it clean, and checks wear, all automatically.

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Active Tools: productivity, safety, quality, automation and ease of use.

Always perfect working parameters so you can get optimal results in less time, regardless of operator experience. 

Tough jobs
Active Speed
Automatic assistance
Active Nozzle Center
No waste
Active Camera
 Active Tools: automatically adapt the cutting parameters
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LC5 Applications

Water-assisted cutting on thick steel
Teeth-shaped cuts between stainless steel square tubes
Laser-cut thick steel grid with water-assisted nozzles
Parametric laser-cut window and door frame
Burn-free laser cutting even on sharp edges and serrated geometries
Cosmetic joint on round tubes for furniture
Toothed wheel made from very thick laser-cut sheet
Cut-bend operations on tube to simplify frame assembly
Laser-cut transmission wheel
Thin steel sheet for household appliance housing

Choose the safety for your job

You have the certainty of being able to work at Zero Risks and at the highest safety standards: LC5 is a CE marked, Class 1 system. Special glass and a completely closed cutting area protect you from the risks of laser radiation. An independent safety system on the loader allows you to introduce a new tube bundle without interrupting production.

The gain in speed, accuracy and efficiency is maximum.

LC5 Technical Information


Max. XY speed 

5512 ipm (196 m/min)


± .002" (0.05 mm)


± .001" (0.03 mm)

Sheet working capacity 


Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass 

Sheet work area 

118" x 59" (3,000 x 1,500 mm)
157" x 79" (4,000 x 2,000 mm)
236" x 79" (6,000 x 2,000 mm)

Tube working capacity 

Round tubes (Ø) 

min .47" (12 mm) – 4.72" (max 120 mm)

Square tubes

min .47" x .47" (12 mm) – max 3.94" x 3.94" (100 mm)

Workable tube weight

max 9.1 lb/ft (13.5 kg)

Machinable bar length

min 126" (3.2 m) – max 256" / 335" (6.5 / 8.5 m)

Unloading length

max 11.5' / 14.8' (3.5 / 4.5)


Transverse configuration dimensions (m) 

Long side: 17.5 or 18.35 (57’4” or 60’2”) 
Short side: 7.5 or 9.6 (24’7” or 31’5”) 

Longitudinal configuration dimensions (m) 

Long side: 14 or 15.8 (45’11” or 51’10”) 
Short side: 12 or 14.8 (39’4” or 48’6”) 

LC5 - Transverse and longitudinal configuration

Artube: from drawing to part in one click. 

Drawing a part, or an entire assembly, and transforming it into a machine program takes only a few seconds. You can import 3D models of parts drawn using other CAD programs and send all the information to the machine to start production on the fly. 

With Artube, you can use the full potential of the Lasertube from the word go,
without errors.

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Cutting with LC5: no
experience needed.

LC5 can also be used without previous experience. Skills are not fundamental at the beginning, but can be built up along the way by attending our on-going professional training courses. 

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