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Robust, reliable and automatic.

Automatic cutting system for tubes.
One or two round, square or rectangular tubes.
Machinable tubes up to max.
1 x 3.15" (80 mm)
2 x 1.77" (45 mm)
mm in diameter
Part up to
max. 240" (6090 mm)
in length
Number of different lengths that can be cut

Two at a time... what a result!

Not just two bars but two different lengths cut on the same bar. With the locator positioned along the feeding line, you can kick off two different productions on the same diameter, optimizing material utilization and reducing waste.

You won't need to separate the two batches by hand because the different lengths will be unloaded to different locations.

Locators for cutting two sizes on the same bar

Brushed, measured and certified parts.

After cutting, the parts can be brush-deburred inside and out at both ends. A jet of air removes residual shavings for even cleaner results.

It then switches to a contact-free measurement and inspection system that measures each part and provides accurate statistics on the entire batch.

Automatic brushing of the cut parts

Perfectly washed and dried parts.

For even more complete jobs, you can add an automatic washing system, entirely made of stainless steel and thermally insulated

Each part is individually washed and dried by a series of hot air jets, effective on all sections and diameters.

Washing and drying of parts

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