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BLMelements: a complete,
state-of-the-art software suite.


BLMelements is a complete package of applications for the management of BLM GROUP systems in all steps of use.

Programming tube laser cutting and bending


By importing three-dimensional models of cut and bent components into Artube, the CAD/CAM functions can recognise the cut and the bend and create the respective part programs easily and automatically.

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Take advantage of Artcut to program offline and with the help of clear and simple graphics the 3D laser cutting cells, drawing also the scrap on bent tubes or importing it from VGPNext.

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Programming of hydroformed tube 3D laser cutting


Use VGPNext to draw, on the machine or in the office, the three-dimensional model of the part to be bent on your tube bending machine to check its real feasibility using the powerful integrated simulation tool.

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Partviewer e Protube.  

Estimate a Lasertube job by calculating the time and cost with PartViewer starting from the imported model only.

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Control your production process with Protube Enterprise, the production management system that interfaces with your information system and coordinates the work of your cutting, laser cutting and bending systems, giving you information on the progress of work wherever you are.

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Cockpit and production statistics with Protube

Discover the BLMelements suite

Appreciate a machine
does everything by itself.

In BLM GROUP systems you will find many features
that make even the most difficult technological challenges seem simple.

Deformed tubes are no longer a cause of errors.
The dimensional tolerance of a tube is no longer an issue because Active Scan analyses the tube section and takes the geometric tolerances into account to position the laser jobs correctly.
Parts right from the start.
Calibrating a tube bending machine to get a correct part is no longer a problem because B_Tools automatically corrects springback during bending.
The welding seam is automatically oriented.
Do you need to properly orient the tube according to the weld? Active Weld helps you detect it with its viewing system and particularly sophisticated management of critical cases.
Maximum productivity.
Go faster with the Active Tilt head that multiplies system acceleration and makes unthinkable processing speeds possible.

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Diagnostics at a touch.

The BLM GROUP diagnostic systems are aboard the machine and simple to use.

The interface allows you to check the operation of the system from the inside, making in-depth analysis functions available.

Starting from an alarm signal, with the on-line manual and the available functions you can check the correct operation of sensors and equipment also using photos and videos.

This will allow you to be faster and minimise downtime.

Technical solutions dictated by experience.

Investments in R&D produce tangible benefits for you.
Advanced use of the "All-Electric" technology on the bending machines, in addition to guaranteeing greater stability and repeatability of the bends, allows you to speed up job changeovers by making equipment calibration automatic.

The new Tube Cutter laser cutting head, designed by BLM GROUP with tube laser processing in mind, allows you to work on profiles with complex sections.

Our applied research in laser cutting technology experiments with next-generation laser sources to guarantee you the best possible working conditions.

Today, as ever, we are the trailblazers of new solutions!

As ever, the BLM GROUP is the trailblazer of new solutions

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