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The configurability of the machine makes it perfect in every way. You can choose LT8.20 with either a 3 or 4 kW fiber source, or 3.5 kW CO2 source. The right configuration is driven by your processing needs.

Front and rear single bar loader

Single bar load front
Rear bundle 27' (8.5 m) - unloading 15' (4.5 m)

Configuration with front chain loader

Front chain loader

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From one production to another without adjustments. 

Manual intervention isn’t necessary to operate the loader whenever you change production. Remarkable working autonomy with 11000 lb (5000 kg) of capacity. Tubes are quickly loaded, without jamming, and maintaining proper orientation.

Safe tube infeeding and outfeeding.

With the stepper loader, you can load single tubes for prototype or small batch production, one after the other, without interruption. Especially effective for open profiles, special profiles and IPE beams. The loader is reversible; the processed part can be unloaded from the original loading position. 

New automatic tube warehouse.

The Lasertube family has a new loading device designed to improve productivity and process efficiency even further.

Faster production changes with the automatic tower magazine available for LT8.20 21' (6,5 m) and 27' (8,5 m) loader versions.
The steel boxes, each containing the various tubes to be processed, are moved from the tower to the machine and back at each production change.

Drilling and threading unit.

Add holes and threads to your parts without moving them to another system. Make the finished product in a single step, avoiding intermediate handling, waiting times and repositioning errors.

Active Tools: all the ways they can help you

Let Active Tools handle the adjustments for you.

Deformed tubes
Active Scan
Maximum production rate
Active Tilt
Automatic, parametric and dynamic marking
Active Marking
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Applications LT8.20

Thick steel tube for the excavating sector
Steel trailer crossbar heavy transport sector
Special profile of a tractor cab
Chamfered holes in steel plate
Aluminum profile for motorcycles
IPE profile with 3D cuts for the structural sector

Save time and material.

Take advantage of all the material and minimize the end-of-bar waste. The machine finds by itself the way to obtain the greatest number of pieces from each bar, compacting and setting the best sequence.

Automatic compaction (nesting) saves material

Choose the safety
for your job.

You can be sure of being able to work at Zero Risks and at the highest safety standards: LT8.20 is a Class 1 CE marked system. Special glass and a completely closed cutting area protect you from the risks of laser radiation. An independent safety system on the loader allows you to introduce a new tube bundle without interrupting production.

Integrate Lasertube and tube bender with ALL-IN-ONE.

When a piece is cut and then bent, the deformations induced by the bending process cause errors: the cut tube stretches and the geometries are no longer in the desired position.

The BLM GROUP Lasertube and tube benders solve these effects, communicating with each other and making the compensation of the elongations in order to obtain the right first piece!

You have saved time and material.

Discover our All-In-One technology

Increase your
production efficiency.


Protube provides reliable quotes and allows you to identify the best production strategy for both single parts and entire production batches.

It also allows you to manage logistics planning, monitoring and productivity analysis phases, with the possibility of integrating with your ERP.
All the systems communicate with each other and simulate the manufacturing process to support the solution of daily start-up and production changeover problems.

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LT8.20 Technical information


Source (kW) 

Fiber 3 - 4 (CO2 3.5) 

Cutting head 

BLM GROUP 3D Tube Cutter 


Load 1 (front/rear) 

Bundlestepper, single bar 

Load 2 (front/rear) 

Bundlestepper, single bar 

Compact loader 

Motorized chains 

Minimum loading length

8' (2.5 m)

Maximum unloading length

21' (6.5 m) - 27' (8.5 m) - 41' (12.5 m)  

Bundle loading capacity

11000 lb (5000 kg)


Three programmable positions, rear conveyor belt and motorized front and rear collection tables. 

Unloading length

15' (4.5 m) - 21' (6.5 m) - 27' (8.5 m) 


Installed power (kVA) 

63 (Fiber) / 125 (CO2) 

Average drawn power (O2) (kW) 

16 (Fiber)/29 (CO2)  

Average drawn power (N2) (kW) 

21 (Fiber)/47 (CO2)  

Standard machine loading 21' (6.5 m) and unloading 15' (4.5 m) 

Dimensions of basic configuration fiber version
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