All-electric press brake, direct drive.

Clamping Systems
Crowning Technology

Clamping Systems, ultimate Flexibility. 

The Universal Press Brake Concept allows users to integrate various types of punch and die clamping systems and adapters with hydraulic or manual options for Wila New Standard, Wila American Style or European-Style tooling with a wide range of bottom die holder options.

Clamping Systems, Ultimate Flexibility

Wila Style. 

Wila New Standard clamping systems have been developed for accuracy, durability, flexiblity and speed to maximize your press brake productivity. Wila New Standard products offer a full range of tooling solutions for all applications.

Wila New Standard Tooling

European Style. 

Standard Z2 European Style holders can be mounted directly to the upper beam. Z1 clamps can be stacked under Z2 clamps for increased height. Pneumatic or Manual clamps are possible to integrate.

European Style Tooling

American Style.

American Style clamping systems are available for those who prefer American Style tooling solutions.

American Style Tooling

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6-axes backgauge


6-Axes Configuration.


The ProBend E-Series, which can be equipped with the ATF 6-Axis backgauge solution, allows for handling simple to complex part geometries or tapered bends, with maximum speed and versatility. Hardened 3D gauge fingers with multiple stop positions withstand workpiece movement while optimizing productivity.

ProBend Applications.

ProBend applications
ProBend applications
ProBend applications
ProBend applications
ProBend applications
ProBend applications
ProBend applications
ProBend applications
ProBend applications

Workpiece Supports.
Your choice for your production.

To assist the operator with material loading, positioning, and bending, three different workpiece supports
and lift options are offered based on your production requirements.

Standard Front-Arm Supports

Manual Supports

The standard MT04 front arm supports are mounted on a linear rail for smooth and accurate positioning vertically and horizontally. Includes scratch-free brushes to protect material and retractable squaring bar for material positioning. The MT03 front arm supports are identical to the MT04 with the addition of a horizontal adjustable handwheel and numerical position counter.

CNC -controlled Sheet Follower

Sheet Follower

The AP01 CNC-controlled Sheet Follower is a moveable support table that lifts and supports material during bending motion. It is fully-synchronized with the ram bend speed and desired angle.
Capable of supporting a load capacity of 330 lbs. per sheet follower. Descent speed and activation is programmable by the operator.

Proguard Optical Safety System

Proven Safeguarding

Designed with redundant circuits and real-time failure detection monitoring, the safeguarding features automatically detect mute point close operation proximity, while increasing productivity by allowing tools to close at higher speeds.

The Proguard Optical Safety System incorporates a continuous dual-beam laser field around the punch tip. If an obstruction is detected, the machine stops automatically. This close proximity protection allows the operator access to the point of operation for increased productivity and unlike traditional light curtains, reduces operator fatigue by eliminating the need to continually move in and out of the operating area.


The three-position operator foot switch is comprised of a top beam return pedal, top beam descent pedal, and an emergency stop button. The top beam descent pedal controls three positions: the first position is stationary, the second commands the descent of the ram, and the third postion stops the upper beam during descent. The three-position foot pedal reduces the risk of the operator getting hands pinched between the punch and die.

The machine is equipped with safety-interlocked guarding on the sides and rear of the machine. The interlocked guards will prevent the machine from operating when any door is engaged.

Integrated Programming.

Single-platform for
blanking & bending.

An integrated programming platform allowing the bent 2D or 3D part model to be imported as one piece, automatically generating the unfolded part program and layout for the blanking operation.

Eliminate the cumbersome task of calculating blank sizes, bend deductions/allowances, and compensations.

ProBend technical information 

Images of Front and side dimensions of Probend

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