3D CAD/CAM for Lasertube

The best tube
programming software

ArTube is the BLM GROUP CAD/CAM software
for drawing, manipulating, and designing tubular parts. From the idea to the part program in a few simple clicks.

ArTube: best of tube

Top performance: the most complete CAD/CAM on the market
ArTube is the most complete CAD/CAM, dynamic and adaptable to your specific needs. It's the 20+ years of experience that makes the difference!
Born for tubes
The fact that ArTube is software designed specifically for tubes gives you a wide range of technology options and unparalleled attention to detail.
The perfect combination of performance and usability
A tool is effective when it is easy to use. This is why ArTube combines outstanding performance with a user-friendly and engaging interface, making part design a convenient and effective experience.
Software and machine: a team effort
Set options right from the drawing to optimize the working process and obtain the best possible cutting quality by exploiting the synergy between ArTube and BLM GROUP machinery.
Don't waste time, create your part with just one click
Save time with ArTube. Through automatisms and advanced artificial intelligence, you can import 3D files and effortlessly generate the corresponding part program. Just one click.
Joint management of cutting and bending
Simplify your work processes and re-engineer your parts by combining the worlds of laser cutting and tube bending in ArTube.

CAD: draw with unprecedented computing power

The fully parametric design environment and a rich library of features give you total control of your part or frame. The extraordinary variety of functions, combined with a simple and intuitive interface, will make your design experience unique.

CAD/CAM programming software for tube laser cutting systems
CAD/CAM programming software for tube laser cutting systems

Beyond importing 3D files

With ArTube, not only can you create a part with absolute precision, but you can make changes and improvements to the imported elements as if the part had been designed directly in the software.

Managing frames and complex structures has never been so simple

CAD/CAM programming software for tube laser cutting systems

Import your frame, modify its geometry and structure as you like, take advantage of the technological options of the Assembler package. With ArTube, you can re-engineer your frame and optimize the work cycle.

Automotive suspension made with laser cutting system

Open to the structural world

Import IFC files of your structural design with absolute accuracy, simplify the machining of large steel profiles, optimize the design of individual components and assemblies. This is due to the adaptability of structural projects in ArTube.

CAD/CAM programming software for tube laser cutting systems
CAD/CAM programming software for tube laser cutting systems

Manage special sections as if they were standard

With the fully parametric features of ArTube, you can manipulate, modify, correct and even replace sections of a part in just a few steps, speeding up and simplifying your processes considerably. With ArTube, you can easily manage all sections, even those you create yourself.

CAD/CAM programming software for tube laser cutting systems

CAM: get the best from cutting technology

The integration between software and machinery will allow you to carry out the part program precisely and accurately. ArTube will select the technological database for you and check the feasibility of the cut, while determining the most suitable solution.

CAD/CAM programming software for tube laser cutting systems

Multi-machine part program

Create a single project and cut on different BLM GROUP machines.
The part program will be automatically interpreted and recognized, allowing you to better manage your work flow and optimize your production.

CAD/CAM programming software for tube laser cutting systems
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Software utilities

Build your project like Lego® blocks.

Put your pieces together like Lego blocks. Generate patterns in ArTube and replicate patterns in Composer, easily defining geometric relationships and repetition rules. You can generate complex objects either through the user-friendly graphical interface or automatically directly from your ERP!
The easiest and fastest way to generate a part program.

Drag and drop the 3D files into your folders and get the part program automatically. With Automator, programming is no longer a concern. The software does the work autonomously according to your preferences. The best solution to guarantee automation, efficiency, and flexibility!
SolidWorksThe power of ArTube available directly from SolidWorks.

ArTube is integrated with SolidWorks for designing single parts and tubular frames. Call up the calculation libraries of ArTube directly from Solidworks to automatically generate your part program, a great saving of time and energy.

ArTube advanced features

2D or 3D cutting
Parametric marking
Bent tube analysis
Weld search
Export a 3D file

2D or 3D cutting:
choose the best technology for your job

You select the best technology for your work, whether in 2D or 3D, right from the design phase.

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What's new

Contact part marking

ArTube allows you to mark the tube with the profiles of the parts you need to weld or overlap by contact.

In this way you will simplify and optimize subsequent processing steps.

Contact part marking
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