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Designed to ensure productivity, safety, quality, automation, and ease of use. Active Tools function automatically adjusting the working parameters to give you better results in less time.

Active Nozzle Changing

Automatic nozzle change and wear monitoring function

Fully-automatic material and thickness changes for faster and error-free production, even in unmanned mode. An 18-position device will replace the nozzle whenever the new batch requires it. With the same device, wear and integrity is monitored and calibrated, all concentrated in one place for reliable results and a quick start to cutting. 

Active Piercing

Increases productivity on medium and thicker materials

Continuously monitors the quality and progress of each piercing operation until breakthrough to give you constant and reliable results throughout the entire process. In case of critical conditions and risk of losing the cut, the function intervenes, giving indications to resume the process in optimal conditions. 

Active Focus

Change production without interruption

The focal position automatically adjusts based on the material type and thickness to produce optimal cutting results. There is no need for manual adjustments as Active Focus does the work for the work for you. 

Optimized piercing due to continuous focus variation

Fly Cut

-70% faster for cutting grids

Making sequences of square and rectangular geometries in-line instead of one at a time gives you great productivity advantages. The operation of the laser switches on and off to precisely synchronize with the start and end position of all linear strokes to be cut, executed in sequence. The result means you can make entire rows of geometries very fast.  

Active Cool

Using water improves quality

When cutting thick materials, water is emitted directly from the nozzle to dissipate the heat during cutting, to produce high-quality results, even when processing with high laser power and closely nested patterns. 

Active Zoom

Every thickness has its laser beam

The ability to change the diameter of the laser beam automatically provides optimum performance with all thicknesses. A smaller diameter beam with thinner materials to increase cutting speed and a larger diameter beam for thicker materials to improve the service gas flow and achieve a better and consistent cut finish. 

Active Speed

Optimal cutting in all conditions

Active Speed rapidly produces the best cut quality on all material conditions. Automatic adjustments of all cutting parameters, even intricate patterns and geometries (sharp edges, teeth, micro close cuts), will be imperfection-free. 

Automatic optimization of laser cutting parameters

Active Nozzle Center

Assisted nozzle centering

All the help you need for occasional nozzle centering checks. Any deviation from the optimal position is measured and indicated to the operator who also receives instructions to quickly correct the detected condition and restart the system. The optical device integrated into the camera measures the installed nozzle by measuring its coaxiality with the laser beam necessary for the correct action of the service gas during the job. 

Active Camera

Utilize every inch of material 

You can quickly cut remaining parts and new parts even on the smallest sheet remnants. View the remnant from the operator console, drag a virtual outline of the part and drop it in place to utilize the available material.  

Active Mail

The information when you need it directly in your inbox

Get information on machine status, updates on routine maintenance needs, notifications on the necessary interventions, all automatically from an email sent by the machine to the programmed addresses. You have access to the information quickly and can easily keep record. 

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