New technologies for the
buildings of the future.

BLM GROUP systems for processing tubes and beams offer the opportunity to reduce the overall costs of building a structure. Innovative solutions that exploit the potential of laser systems without which certain processes would be impossible or unprofitable.  

Building with laser cutting

Technology makes life easier. 

Create new types of connections between beams and tubes to simplify the production and installation of structures.
Time and cost estimates
Save on installation time with shop-fabricated components that are easy to assemble.
Multiple operations a single system with no need to move and reposition large and heavy pieces.

BLM GROUP solutions for the
constructions sector.

BLM GROUP technologies are qualified to be the right partner for your business. 

Innovate to grow. 

New technologies are knocking on the door of the structural tube world, opening opportunities to build innovative structures cost-effectively. 

Steel structures
Theme parks
Urban furniture

Steel structures 

The precision of laser cutting allows the creation of joints that simplify the installation of structures,
creating innovative joints that are easy to assemble and weld.

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Always close to you

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