The World's Most Popular Lasertube.


value-added production 


Automatic laser cutting machine for standard tubes, open sections and special sections
Round tubes, squares,
rectangles special sections,
open profiles.
Cutting head
Tube Cutter
Tubes and sections up to
10 lb/ft
(15 kg/m)
in weight
Tube machining from
0.5" to 6"
(12 mm to 152.4 mm)
in diameter

Thousands of successful applications in every production area. 

The winning solution for cutting your tubes.

Best-in-class engineering performance, ease of use, and flexibility to process closed, open, or special shaped tubes is combined in the compact footprint of the LT FIBER EVO.

 30 years of experience and development are the difference and will make the difference for you. 

Laser cutting of large diameter steel tubes
Evolution of an unparalleled success.
Laser cutting system equipped with automatic loading and unloading
Always the most profitable investment. All the most advanced technical solutions are on LT FIBER EVO to allow you to efficiently manage frequent production changeovers and quickly adapt to different materials. It is the most comprehensive 2D cutting system to process light to medium thickness tubes.

Alternatively, a CO2 laser source (LT722D) is available to manufacturers that prefer this technology. Choose the configuration according to the type of production to be carried out.

You choose the configuration to get off to a great start!

Automation makes everything easier. 

The entire working range of the machine is utilized: loading, handling, and unloading are automatically adjusted from one section to another, and you immediately resume production.

You’ll no longer have to worry about malfunctions, production stoppages, or machine setting missteps.

The working line, gripping and manipulators are self-adjusting according to the section to be processed


Sorted parts save
you time.


The programmable unloader allows you to separate parts from different batches different to either the front and rear of the machine. This makes it easier to manage unscheduled changes to production. Small batch runs can be automatically sorted from the main production. A single bar can be loaded from the front of the machine through the wide front doors. Scrap is also separated. To manage short parts, you can utilize the metal belted conveyor on the rear of the machine.

Multiple positions for loading the bars and unloading the parts

BLMelements: the software suite that creates value


Design of parts and frames in a three-dimensional graphical CAD/CAM environment (Artube) designed to exploit every performance margin of the Lasertubes.
Libraries of functions that speed up and simplify design on the tube.
Accurate batch time and cost estimates for a detailed estimate (PartViewer).
Remote planning and real-time monitoring of work in progress (Protube).

All this and more makes a difference every day in terms of being able to make full use of a laser cutting system, reducing unproductive downtime times and eliminating waste.
A choice of value also involves software.

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are ideal for your goals?
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