CAD/CAM programming and simulation for tube and wire bending machines

Make it easy

So easy everyone looks like an expert with VGPNext.
The intuitive programming software for tube and wire benders.

From the library to the finished part
Find the part program quickly, simulate and start production in just a few clicks.
Guiding you straight to the result
From the drawing to 3D simulation, follow the directions and kick off production safely.
Correct every defect
With the experience implemented on the machine, bends are perfect every time.

A simple and user-friendly
programming flow

Identify the part program easily.
Take advantage of the program library and locate the tube in seconds. Alternatively, import it with B_Import. You choose the method!
No manual adjustments, the program does it all.
Automatically acquire the geometry, adjustments and job parameters - all you have to do is choose the machine! And go straight to production getting the part right from the start.
3D simulation
No collisions, no worries.
Simulate the bending cycle with true-to-life 3D graphics. No risk of collisions typical of preliminary practical tests.
Defects? VGPNext helps you correct them.
Scratches, wrinkles, wrong bent tube angles... the machine tells you how to eliminate them and learns day after day.
Monitor your
daily production.
You can always keep an eye on the recent production, the number of produced parts and much more!

Tube bending and wire bending program
on the machine or in the office

Tube and wire bending programming software

Choose where to program your parts! With the PC version of VGPNext, you can program tube bending machines and wire bending machines offline without having to interrupt processing and program all BLM GROUP bending systems from a single PC.

Discover all the functions
of the plug-ins

Optional features of the bending machine

With the “What if” function, you can simulate the addition of available plug-ins for your system (Speed Up, variable radius, etc.) and evaluate their improvements for your bending jobs.
Estimate the timing of your part using all the options of your choice!

Tube laser cutting
and bending

All-in-one bending and laser tube-cutting technology

VGPNext dialogues with the BLM GROUP Lasertube and cutting system programming software, providing tube elongation corrections. So you get cut and bent tubes right from the start.

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Create on VGPNext
and optimize on ProTube

Manage the batches in the office, prioritize the part programs created on VGPNext and monitor your tube bending machines and other BLM GROUP systems. All thanks to ProTube.

Tool Room:
your equipment store

VGPNext imports the part and creates the list of bending tools you need. Tool Room checks if they are in stock or identifies alternatives among the tools you already have.

Programyour coil-fed
tube bending machines

With VGPNext you can also manage coil-fed end-forming and bending in a simple, fast and integrated way on 4-RUNNER BLM GROUP systems.

Discover 4-RUNNER
Manage coil-fed end-forming and bending

Advanced tube bending


Eliminate waste and trial and error

With B_Tools, your tube bending machine automatically compensates for the tube springback so that you have the part right from the start..

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