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Minimum footprint, maximum production. 

The compact footprint offers huge production gains. 

You can optimize the entire production flow, bar loading and part pick-up all around the machine. Everything will move in perfect harmony. 

Loading and unloading flow of the machine.
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Large capacity for large batches. 

Saves the time it takes to sort different parts. Unloading can be programmed to each unloading position. Processed parts can be transferred to the front or rear motorized unloading tables, or for shorter pieces, the metal conveyor. 

Loading cradles for oriented tube bundles

Easy and centralized adjustment. 

When changing the section, you can easily adjust the loader settings. The tubes will all be automatically extracted from the bundle and measured without any interruption. 

Manual loader adjustments

Active Tools: all the ways they can help you. 

Let Active Tools handle the adjustments for you. 

Difficult jobs
Active Speed
Quick and error-free configuration change
Active Focus
Increased productivity on high thicknesses
Active Piercing
Active Tools per gestire le regolazioni in modo automatico
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LT5.10 Applications 

Fume stack
Urban furniture
Belt transmission
Window and door frame
Brass hydraulic component
Car chassis component
Frame fitting
Cut-fold for windows and doors
Automatic nesting saves material

It saves time and material. 

Use all the material and minimize scrap at the end of the tube. The machine determines how to gain the greatest yield from each bar, automatically optimizing the nesting sequence. 

Clean tubes inside without any processing residues

Clean the ID of your parts.

Remove cutting residue and dust from the ID of the tube using the integrated vacuum device, eliminating a secondary cleaning operation.   

Choose the safety for your job. 

LT5.10 is a Class 1 laser system built in compliance with the highest safety standards and CE regulations.  

Special safety-glass and sealed cutting area provide safe observation of the processing area during operation, while an independent safety system allows you to introduce a new tube section without interrupting production. 

Integrate All-In-One Lasertubes and tube bending machines.

When bending a part with pre-cut features, the tube can stretch causing the cut features to be out of specification.

BLM GROUP Lasertube and tube bending machines eliminate this issue by interfacing with each other and compensating for elongation.  The result is perfection right from the first part!  Discover what technology can do for you.

Discover our All-In-One technology


Made exactly to specification by integrating several technologies. 

Find out how he does it with a LT5.10.

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Tubular components for motorcycles

Grow still in production efficiency.


Protube provides reliable estimates and allows you to identify the best production strategy, both on single pieces and on entire production batches.

It also allows you to manage the logistics, planning, monitoring and productivity analysis phases with the possibility of integrating with your ERP.

All the systems communicate with each other and simulate production processes with the aim of simplifying the operator's work and solving the problems that they, themselves, detect.

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LT5.10 Technical information 



Fibre 1-2 kW  

Cutting head

BLM GROUP 2D Tube Cutter 


Bundle loading

Fully automatic

Minimum loading length 

1.9 m

Minimum unloading length 

6.5 – 8.5 m

Bundle loading capacity 

4,000 kg


Three programmable positions, rear conveyor belt, and motorized front and rear collection tables. 

Unloading length 

3.5 - 4.5 - 6.5

Power Consumption 

Average drawn power (O2) 

10 kW (O2 with 1 kW laser source)

Average absorbed power (N2)

17 kW (N2 with 1 kW laser source)

Standard machine

Base configuration

6.5 loading and 3.5 m unloading

Lasertube with compact footprint
A complete training package for you and your operators is included in the purchase.
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The maintenance procedures and tutorials are all available from the console. This way you can take care of the maintenance yourself, or we can do it for you.
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