Motorcycle frames with no rejects.

different models of vehicles produced
increase in productivity

The client.

Success Stories - CF Moto

CF MOTO is a China-based manufacturer of road bikes and ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) for recreation and sports. With a distribution network in 70 countries, CF MOTO makes 98 different models of vehicles and 51 different engines.

The target.

In a company like this, the overall production volume is high, but the single batches are small and change quickly. There are many types of frames, bodies, engines and mechanical components and often runs of a few hundred pieces of each part are needed. Quality levels and delivery deadlines must be kept despite the very high number of products.

Having a fast and flexible production process is therefore essential.

La soluzione.

Investing in technology means guaranteeing maximum flexibility and efficiency to quickly produce even very small batches while keeping the quality levels high. The key element of the improvement process was the adoption of versatile systems capable of guaranteeing accurate machining, adaptability, repeatability, and high production rates:

The LT5 Lasertube system produces new products made of tubular profiles for frames and many other components, flexibly and fast.
Discover LT5
ELECT40 is an all-electric bending system produces frames and other tubular components, ensuring accuracy and high-quality appearance.
Discover ELECT
Now we can make parts that we could not before. Projects which were once impossible due to manufacturing constraints are now feasible!
Liu Jianlin, Process Technology Manager

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