High-productivity double-tube cutting

Fully automatic cutting to size for one or two tubes at the same

See what’s possible
Robust, reliable and automatic

The TWINCUT is the result of the experience gained from thousands of installations. The optimized cutting parameters and loading and handling of bars have been perfected over tens of thousands of applications and many years of experience. It is a robust, reliable and fully-automatic machine for extremely efficient, continuous, unmanned, saw cutting operations.

Productivity more than doubled to cut the piece part cost

Available in two configurations (single or double bar), the TWINCUT is a saw cutting system capable of cutting parts to two different lengths, starting from a bundle of round, square, rectangular and other shaped tubes. Bars are loaded and cut and finished parts are unloaded automatically for continuous, high productivity, operation. In the two-bar configuration output more than doubles guaranteeing the lowest possible piece part cost.

Clean parts separated from scrap and chips

The cutting machine is configured with three unloading positions. Two are dedicated to production parts– at the front and rear of the machine – to differentiate the cut lengths and/or to change out collection boxes without interrupting production. The third discharge location is dedicated to bar end scrap and chips which are collected and removed from the cutting zone by means of powerful air jets.

Brush deburred, measured and certified parts

After cutting, the part ends can be wire brushed to remove any burr.

An air jet eliminates any chips for an even better cleaning result.

Part length can also be measured and certified.

Perfectly washed and dried parts

An automatic washing system, entirely made of stainless steel and thermally insulated, is available for even more complete cleaning results.

Each part is individually washed and dried by a series of hot air jets which are equally effective on all tube shapes and diameters.

Save even more time with the orderly collection

Once brush deburred and measured, the parts can be collected in boxes of programmable shape and size. According to the length and weight of the parts, one or two handling arms of the collector, take and gently deposit the production into containers.
To make the process even more efficient, a mobile platform can automatically move containers into and out of position for collection.

Have you ever considered laser cutting?

You can make perfectly clean parts in one single step on a laser system. The laser consolidates the cutting, measuring, brushing and washing with outstanding accuracy and repeatability. It even adds the possibility of doing more than just straight cut off.
Productivity of laser cut off can be surprising!
Compare the purchase cost of the two systems (traditional saw and laser) and then decide what one is best for you!

Remote production planning

Gain efficiency by organizing multiple machine programs into work orders and sending them to each system via the network by means of Protube Express. Each batch / work order will contain the settings required to optimize quality and cycle times.