LT14 / LT24

Processing large diameter pipes and structural beams

3D laser cutting equipment for large diameter pipes up to 610 mm (24”), open and special shaped structural sections (IPE)

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LT14/LT24 - 3D Laser tube cutting machine
LT14 / LT24 is the automated BLM GROUP Lasertube equipment for 3D laser cutting of large diameter tubes and structural beams in steel, aluminum or brass. LT14 / LT24 is the right technology for H and IPE laser cutting, but also for the production of sections for agricultural and industrial vehicles.
LT14/LT24: structural pipes laser cutting 
LT14 - Large size laser cutter for large diameters
  • process tubes up to ∅ 355 mm (14”)
  • bar weight up to 100 kg/m (67 lb/ft)
  • automatic handling system loads and unloads tubes up to 15,5 m (50’) in length
  • CO2 laser source up to 4.5 kW
  • 3D cutting
  • processes tubes, open sections (angles, channels, columns, flats etc.) and special profiles
  • cuttable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium
LT24 - The right equipment for heavy fabrication
  • machinable sections up to ∅ 610 mm (24”)
  • bar weight up to 300 kg/m (200 lb/ft)
  • automatic handling system loads and unloads tubes or beams up to 18 m (60’) in length
  • CO2 laser source up to 4.5 kW
  • 3D cutting 
  • processes open sections (angles, channels, columns, flats etc.) and structural beams
  • cuttable materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium
Three chucks working together

The position of the three chucks during laser cutting is automatically managed to minimize bar movements, while the lighter and faster cutting head moves along the tube.

This means more accurate, faster cuts and faster part processing.

Three chucks working together
Why laser cutting for large diameter tubes

Laser cutting of thick walled pipes or structural beams provides cost and part quality advantages when comparted to traditional plasma or oxygen cutting. The laser performs accurate cuts needed to meet the required tolerances; without the need for grinding or other re-work. The laser cut edges are ready for welding without any additional weld prep. Laser cutting consolidates multiple operations that would normally require multiple set ups, plus additional handling and labor.

3D cutting: the advantages continue even after the cut

The cutting head can work perpendicularly to the beam surface or it can cut at an angle. The tilt cutting function is useful for creating chamfers and semi-chamfers that are needed for the weld prep. The laser guarantees maximum accuracy and avoids the need to rework the cut edges prior to welding.

Changes of production: all automatically

Changes of diameter, thickness or shape are all done automatically. No additional tooling or grippers are needed to switch from one shaped tube or section to another. This provides tremendous savings compared to conventional manual processes. Part quality is no longer dependent on the operators set up skill. The operator is free to focus on the cutting process and on production.

Firmingly gripped from start to finish

The bars being processed (loading, cutting and unloading) are continuously supported during the entire sequence of operations. This limits cutting irregularities and insures that the final part is never subject to heavy falls that can cause damage or compromise integrity.

Productivity: no unexpected stops

Part loading and unloading never interrupts the cutting process because these operations are carried out in the background.

Movements are performed automatically, according to the programmed conditions instead of being locked into a predetermined set of instructions. Modifications can be made during the process if required.

Productivity: no unexpected stops
A fast track for short parts

A metal exit conveyor quickly discharges finished parts less than 3200 mm (126”) long.

The discharge conveyor is separate from and shielded from the cutting operation so that parts can be continuously unloaded without interrupting the cutting operations.

A fast track for short parts
Part measurement: a light touch with great effect

Larger, thicker tubes traditionally suffer from twist and bow. A touch probe measures the pipe and determines its true dimensions. This data is compared with the theoretical dimensions, then the machine compensates to correct the cut path to obtain accurate geometries.

Automatic drill and tap: added value

The LT14 / LT24 has a full automatic drill and tap unit for making threading holes up to M16 (.625”). This eliminates the need to separate tapping operations.

Effective and efficient!

Automatic drill and tap: added value

Artube: double your options

Artube makes your life much easier and speeds up your work. See how.

Reduce the piece part cost with one click

With the ‘BLMelements’ planning software no particular experience is needed to start production on BLM GROUP laser cutting equipments. Standard (round, square, rectangular) or open structural beams and special sections of the H or IPE type can be processed with the same efficacy.

With one click, add chamfers to geometries or holes in preparation for welding. With one click, add tabs and slots between multiple tubes with laser accuracy. With one click, save time and slash part costs.

Reduce the piece part cost with one click
Effective cutting even on rusty or contaminated surfaces

When the surface conditions of the tube are not ideal due to dirt or rust, LT14/24 can activate a special ‘pre-cutting’ feature that uses the laser beam to clean the part along the cutting path, then follows up with the final cut itself. With this feature you eliminate the risk of wasting costly material, which is often in limited supply.

Effective cutting even on rusty or contaminated surfaces
Cut of the future

Using laser technology means having more architectural design freedom and the accompanying benefit of higher efficiency for alternate structural constructions. Applications are endless.

Examples of application with LT14 / LT24