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Meeting point of all fiber laser cutting excellences for tubes and profiles.

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LT7: all automatic fiber laser cutting
The excellence in Lasertube range, LT7 is the fiber laser processing machine for tubes and profiles that assure the best cut accuracy at the highest productivity.
LT7: high productivity tubes laser cutting
  • Processable round tube ∅ max. 152.4 mm (6”)
  • Processable square tube max. 152.4 x 152.4 mm (6” x 6”)
  • Open and special profiles
  • Bar weight up to 23 kg/m (15.5 lb/ft)
  • All automatic settings
  • Bundle and single bar loading
  • Three unloading positions
  • 3D cutting
  • Fiber laser source 3kW

Broader tube processing range:
more opportunities to be exploited

With the LT7, you can equally easily cut round, square and rectangular tubes, special sections and open profiles weighing up to 23 kg/m and with a diameter from 12 mm to 152.4 mm, all within the standard capabilities of the machine.

a new benchmark

Laser cutting accuracy at high accelerations is not compromised due to the system’s robust mechanical stiffness. The best solution to boost tubes and profiles processing.

Active Tilt … and you are even faster

The orientation movement of the cutting head allows you to achieve unimaginable productivity, especially when cutting thin-wall materials.

Total 360° flexibility

You can work independently with the beam loader.
You can insert small batch productions, loading only one or a few bars on the fly.
You can load special and / or open profiles easily.
You can connect the machine to external robotic loading systems and automated warehouses.
You can unload both short and long pieces, from the front or rear side of your machine, separating the scraps without stopping your work cycle.

Immediately ready for each new production process

Everything is automatic, with no machine stops!

At the end of each production batch, the LT7 reconfigures itself for the next production cycle: the loader, the rear spindle, the front bezel and intermediate supporters automatically adapt to the new section to be cut. They can be either round, specialized or even open profile.

LT7 = piece cost at the minimum

Speed in processing. Elimination of production change times. Certain production performance. All of this is equal to a minimum piece cost. A unique opportunity is now possible.

Configurable to work 24/7

The unloading chains can be disconnected in a matter of seconds from the rear loader and coupled to an external robotic loading system and automatic store.

Automatic load:
always the shortest way

No manual adjustments are required on the rear loader of the machine over the full range of workable sections. The machine is completely accessible from the rear and upper side to load material with either a bridge crane or a forklift.

Multiple unloading positions:
if you know where it is, you do not need to look for it

You have three programmable unloading positions to separate out different pieces and save time. Job specific programming changes can be done on-the-fly so you do not interrupt work in progress. Scrap is also managed independently, which can be emptied without interrupting the machine.

Light or heavy tubes:
always perfect results

High reliability and throughput can be achieved with any type of tube. Intermediate self-adjusting guides adapt to the dimensions and weight of the tube to be cut. With light and flexible tubes more guide support and effective lateral control during fast rotations is provided. On the other hand, heavy and rigid pipes will have total freedom of movement on the steel sliding rollers.


Double the configurations, more choice for you
Short or long pieces:
the unloading changes, but the quality remains constant

The pieces are always lying on the unloading platform during processing. For long pieces, shapes are automatically activated that give further lateral control and enhance the dynamic performance of the machine.

Active Tools

Active Tools: make tube processing even simpler and more robust

Active Marking

Do you need the ability to identify and track every single part produced? Parts can be dynamically marked with Active Marking. Assign the area of the part to mark, then enter the text or data. The Lasertube machine will automatically add the updated value in real time: time, date, sequential part number / ID or even the order number. Handy and easy

Active Piercing

You will experience a considerable increase of productivity on thick walled tubes when using the optimized Active Piercing function. Increase piercing speed and reliability even when faced with inconsistent material quality and thickness. Spectacular!

Active Scan

This is the definitive tool for compensating for the errors that are created by irregularly shaped or bowed tubes. Active Scan can prevent positioning errors of the cut features when the tube is misshaped or not sufficiently rigid to be effectively contained by the mechanical supporting and guiding devices. Active Scan is an optical device that works in the background to calculate the compensations needed to adjust the part program to ensure that the required tolerances are achieved. Accurate!

Active Speed

Optimal cutting quality from the first part! You can obtain high cut quality on all parts even if you do not have specific laser cutting expertise. With Active Speed, the Lasertube machine will dynamically manage all the cutting parameters and deliver the same cut quality in difficult cutting conditions that you expect in common laser cutting jobs. Safe!

Active Focus

Active Focus’ dynamic control of the focus position provided quality cuts despite changes of material and wall thickness. Parts often contain 2D and 3D cuts, piercing and marking. Active Focus always provided optimal cutting conditions to insure quality and productivity. You have the best focus configuration at all times with no additional need for programming. Extremely focused!

Active Weld

Locating external or internal weld seams and reorienting the tube to position the cut geometries coherently with intended design on all bars has become even more efficient with the new features offered by this device.

Active Scan: when you need more than force

An effective solution for compensating errors as a result of distorted tubes. In an instant, the optical device measures the tube and offsets the part program to maintain the expected accuracy.

Active Weld

But the real advantage is in production quality. For bigger weld seams, the machine adapts the laser parameters at each step to ensure cutting continuity and perfect scrap detachment.

Dynamic nesting: saving of time and material

Do you need to optimize material utilization? The machine will do this automatically setting the sequence of parts to be cut to minimize end of bar scrap. A valuable function which becomes even more convenient when combined with the ability of unloading parts to different locations. This provides a considerable time savings and makes it easier to collect parts that are discharged in a tidy fashion.

Dynamic nesting: saving of time and material
Part quality, inside and out

An internal suction probe or ‘spoon’ can be inserted into the I.D. of round tubes to keep the inner surface of the tube clean when cutting. The ‘spoon’, which automatically adjusts to the tube diameter, catches dross and cutting debris and vacuums out particles that can adhere to the inside of the tube to produce a clean dross free internal finish.

Part quality, inside and out
Allroad: tubes like you've never imagined
Allroad: tubes like you've never imagined

You are not limited to just round, square or rectangular. Special shaped tubes or open sections can be programmed and cut without problems.

The use of non-standard shaped tubes (i.e. not round, square or rectangular) has expanded greatly over the years. You can process special sections and even open shapes without any special equipment. The tube loading and handling capabilities combined with the design freedom of the peerless BLMelements software suite provide unmatched capabilities.

Artube: from the drawing to the part in one click

Drawing a part or an entire frame and transforming it into a machine program takes only a few seconds. You can import 3D models of parts drawn in other CAD programs and send everything needed to start production to the machine on the fly. With Artube you can exploit all the Lasertube’s potential from the word go, without errors.

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Protube: error-free planning

Create part programs and easily organise them into production batches. With Protube you can automatically calculate the number of bars needed, optimize the nest to create the minimum scrap, estimate the hours needed and monitor production progress in real time.

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Protube: error-free planning
All-In-One: bending and laser - made for each other

Bending and laser cutting this turns a tube into a finished product. But the use of two separate technologies has always caused difficulties. BLM GROUP machines are created to seamless marry these two technologies solving the problems of locating holes on bent tubular products. All automatically.

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Integration: for teamwork

BLM GROUP machines are equipped with all the features and meet all the requirements of Industry 4.0.
Open to integration with other handling and processing systems, they interface with the management system (ERP), receiving work orders from it and providing back data useful for the management and monitoring of production.

Infinite applications

Examples of applications with LT7